Buffalo Bills news, 5/19: the trials of being a general manager


Two stories look at the most difficult parts of the general manager's job - one from the past and one from the future - as the Buffalo Bills transition from Buddy Nix to Doug Whaley.

Inside the NFL: For success, Whaley needs to step it up - The Buffalo News

Mark Gaughan discusses what it takes to be a good general manager. Then he asks the question: "Is Whaley up to all that?"

Wiedmer: Nix picks right time to cut back | timesfreepress.com

Buddy Nix talks about his decision to retire with his hometown paper. He mentions his wife by name, saying he would spend up to six weeks apart from her.

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Bills-Patriots home opener sold out - BuffaloBills.com
"The Bills-Patriots game slated for Sept. 8 at Ralph Wilson stadium sold out during Saturday's season ticket holder individual-game early access period."

A crack in the old-boys network - The Buffalo News
"We can pretend it doesn’t matter to have a black GM in a mythical "post-racial America." But it does matter. It surely matters to people in Buffalo’s black community, who have watched white executives mismanage the team for more than a decade and waited since the brief James Harris experiment in the late 1960s for another black quarterback."

Bucky & Sully Show: Nix's legacy, Whaley's vision - Press Coverage | The Buffalo News
"News Sports Columnists Bucky Gleason and Jerry Sullivan talk Buffalo football during Friday morning during their weekly live show. Watch highlights below."

Quarterback gurus in vogue - The Buffalo News
"EJ Manuel had one clear goal in mind as he started his preparations for the 2013 NFL Draft. He believed he was the best quarterback available, and very much wanted to be the first one selected. To get there, Manuel did what so many of the elite quarterbacks at every level of the sport – high school, college and the pros – now do, and employed his own positional coach."

Should Bills worry about Mario Williams? - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"This is a tough thing for Williams to go through, especially when details of his personal life are being released to the public. Maybe the Bills should have a brief talk with him just to make sure everything is kosher. The Bills are counting on Williams heavily this year, and he needs to be sound physically and mentally."

Buffalo Bills' rookies can turn around misfortune - ESPN
"If everything falls into place, the Bills could have a franchise quarterback, a starting linebacker, at least two contributing receivers and a kicker from one draft class. Rarely does everything go according to plan in the NFL, but the Bills appear to have more hits than misses in this draft, which was not always the case for this struggling franchise."

Mario Williams is now licensed peace officer in Texas | FOX 26 | MyFoxHouston
"Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams graduated from the Lone Star College Law Enforcement Academy in Houston on Friday. "He is now a licensed peace officer in the state of Texas," said Larry Stewart, one of Williams' instructors at Lone Star College, in an interview with FOX 26 Sports."

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