Seriously just need some in depth discussion...

Really, all this downtime is really a buzzkill for discussion, and though Brian has done admirably manufacturing topics of discussion by breaking down tape on the defense, I am just dying to have a discussion with everyone about all the positional breakdowns and where we see our guys all fitting on the depth chart and in different formations.
I am extremely excited for Robert Woods. I have been a fan of him for a while and he has been nothing short of impressive through camps and could honestly already be better than Stevie at this point simply because he is a bit more physically gifted. Looking at the current situation, our receivers could be as follows:

Robert Woods (Outside)
TJ Graham (Outside)
Stevie (slot 1)
Goodwin (slot 2)

...That is a very formidable receiving corps at this point in time and really makes me wonder why there is so much hate for the Bills receiving corps right now. I understand we are relying on two currently unproven guys and one that was not impressive, but you just can't help but feel excited about that lineup when the Bills go 4 wide. We then of course have CJ who can split out if needed for a 5 wide formation or come out of the backfield on flare routes and screen passes. Honestly, with any of our QBs I feel the offense could really be quite impressive.

As for the defense: I think Brian really has everybody pretty excited about Pettine's schemes and how our personnel may fit. Personally, I think the new schemes are really going to show the strength of the team's D-line and utilize everyone the best way possible, something that Wanny was utterly incapable of. I was at that Bills/Niners game last year and I can't even tell you how many times I saw guys just running right through gaps due to poor play calls on defense (literally running into open lanes vacated due to poor blitz and stunt calls) and Shepphard and Barnett getting pushed around. I am extremely excited to see Alonso and Bradham more often on D and having a coordinator that won't make the defense so basic and easy to read that every QB in the league (except Tebow) will be able to pick it to pieces.

Of course, the secondary is still a bit worrisome because we don't have a real second CB out there. I really liked what I saw of Brooks last year but he is a slot guy, and I just don't feel comfortable with Mckelvin opposite Gilmore on the outside. On the other hand, an aggressive defense that gets to the QB may allow them to operate with more press coverage and keep guys from getting deep or open just long enough to get sacks. I do think Williams will do fine at the safety position and may well be as good as Byrd by the halfway point of the season. Everything about his playstyle and build just screams free safety, and it really should have been where he started to begin with.

Well, what do you all think of the various position battles? I'd love to get some comments on where people see guys being lined up and any interesting combinations we may see on offense and defense. I couldn't even get started on the offensive line simply because there are so many unknowns that I don't even know where to begin.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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