To be Excited or Nervous?

The more I look at the potential Final 53 man roster and the Buffalo Bills Wide Receivers who will make the roster I don't know if I should be excited or nervous. Think about it lets take a look

1) Stevie Johnson - he is the main man in Buffalo. There are some that think he was a product of the system and his relationship with Fitz. I say hogwash on that one. Fitz wasn't a good enough QB to make an OK receiver better. Sure Stevie might be more of a 1B vs. 1A but he is still up there. No nerves on this one

2) T.J. Graham - was a 3rd round pick last year, small but fast with below average hands right now. The concern here is that we drafted a clone of him in the 3rd round this year and I just don't know what that means.

3) Robert Woods - 2nd round pick this year. I like this pick, might be my favorite one the Bills made this year. Will be a solid starter in the NFL, could develop into a star, but only time will tell.

4) Marquise Goodwin - 3rd round pick this year. Did not do anything in college but can flat out run

5) Da'Rick Rodgers - undrafted free agent - this one I have high hopes for, if he gets over the head case issues, he out of anyone the Bills have on the roster could be a superstar, size, speed, hands, the kids is naturally gifted, if he can hone the God given talent he is a true 1A guy.

6) Brad Smith - special teams guy, can do a lot of things average. I would not keep him on the roster

7) Marcus Easley - His time my have come and gone, may be one of those names that history will note, lots of potential but never lived up to it.

8) Brandon Kaufman - undrafted free agent - interesting prospect, good hands, good size, runs good routes. May be a practice squad type guy.

Anyway there are more guys on the roster right now but the way I look at it unless something crazy happens in the preseason, these are the 8 names that will be in line for 5 or 6 roster spots.

Lets assume that Stevie and this years and last years draft picks get 4 of the spots. I am going to assume that Rodgers will earn the 5th spot because on pure talent he is already better and Graham and Goodwin, plus Double G are the same players who are small speed guys.

If Buffalo keeps 5 that puts 3 rookies on the team and 1 first year guy. If they keep 6 I think its a battle between the veteran who has played, the rookie, and the 4th year man who hasn't really played. In the end I am excited because I think this group is better than what we have had the last few years, but I am nervous because they are very young with not a whole lot of experience in the group.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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