Drafting Success Compared to Record Success

I suppose the only fitting way to close out my series of stats posts based on the pfr rankings of various players is by discussing team success along side it. I wrote a lot on the background of the stats in my other previous two posts. The first covered just the last 4 years while the second covered the past 9 years.

In this, I will be going through just a basic summary of the various draft classes that have stood out statistically. I have only one thing to note: 2006 is totally off, I think somewhere early on my numbers for that year overlapped another year and drastically screwed the data up for. But I've double and triple checked the other data so I think there is value in checking it out.

First off, here are the records of teams throughout the years. Here are the sum of the av scores. Here, each team is ranked 1-32 based on how they did in comparison to each of the other 32 teams in terms of record and draft.

The first chart that is just a sum of the two rankings, it highlights the bad teams with bad drafts and good teams with good drafts.

(Click here for a bigger picture)


This next chart is a bit abstract in that it measures where teams had drafts or years that turned them around as a franchise. I took the data from this large pool and summed it for each class.

(Click here for a larger picture)


Finally, I just summed the two scores to see who had the best composite scores.

(Click here for a larger picture)


I am not going to do much analysis on the numbers, but I would just like to point out some of my favorite drafts:

San Diego and Pittsburgh: 2004-Such a phenomenal drafts, and they continued the strong drafting afterwards

Miami: 2009- Good draft but they shot themselves in the foot with a shotgun following that draft.

Green Bay: 08- Just for how impressive the class was

Baltimore and Atlanta 2008- For how near identical the two teams were built: Only until they had solid teams, built through the draft, did their teams go after and hit on a QB.

As a Bills fan this makes me wanna puke, but the 2010 New England draft demands respect: McCourty, Gronk, Spikes, Hernandez and Center Ted Larsen. All while drafting 27th. Gross.

What are some draft classes you particularly love around the league? My personal favorite outside of Buffalo is San Diego's 2005 Draft: Sproles, V Jax, Merriman and Castillo

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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