Who is your current favorite Buffalo Bill?

The more the offseason goes on the more excited I get for the 2013 season. I have hope every offseason but the vibes the team has this year are totally different. I was not a huge fan of the Marrone hire at first but I promise you I am way more pumped for him now than I was for Chan. Just to start a little discussion while we wait for training camp I have two questions to compare my opinions compared to Rumblers:

1. Who is your favorite player currently on the team and what stands out about him for you?

2. Which player do you feel will be a breakout candidate ( last years Spiller) for 2013 with the new schemes?

Obviously a few players will dominate as I believe Stevie Johnson may be the most popular player on the team and Gilmore is prolly regarded and a player ready to make huge leaps this season if Pettine can do for him what he did with Revis but I am interested to see how much certain players come up but also different views on those players

for me it goes:

1. Obviously I am a huge Byrd fan as you can tell with my screen name but since he isn't under contact and technically not on the team I will go with Mario Williams as my favorite current Bill. I really like what I saw from him after his wrist injury was taken care of and I like his demeanor when he speaks to the media. I think he really wants to show he can live up to the billing as the $100 million man and I am in his corner 100%. I truly believe he will again be regarded as a dominant playmaker on defense again. I think with Coach Pettine movin him around and not having teams easily find him to chip and double him will really pay dividends for him. I truly hope he keeps the distractions at bay and becomes a great leader for this defense. I believe we have a core of young talent that could be insanely good and I think it starts with him helping them grow as their teammate and opening things up on the field for them through dominating opponents. ( young players that could benefit the most from him I believe are and not limited to: Gilmore, Dareus, Bradham, A. Williams and Hughes)

2. As a breakout candidate I want to say CJ cause I truly believe he his not a Cj2k or Charles but can be a back like Thurman and only 2nd in the NFL to Peterson. But since he had a coming out last season I will go with Cordy Glenn. I truly believe he is the franchise LT buffalo has needed for a long time. He may have trouble here and there but next year I think the NFL notices him and 2 years becomes a top 5 LT. I know he had ups and downs last year but it drives me crazy when ppl talk about moving him to guard. From my untrained eye I always caught myself watching Glenn especially with downfield blocks springing Spiller to the next level. I think he is why Kolb could resurrect his career or why the staff will feel comfortable starting Manuel.

Just some thoughts from a die hard fan. I don't re watch games or study tape just been watching football with my dad sinc I can remember and love my Buffalo Bills and will never lose faith. Really look forward to fellow Rumblers comments on their opinions. Thanks

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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