Morning Joe! 10 Things I Want To Know As A Bills Fan

Good morning Rumblers,

So I've been getting more involved lately with the Twitter world (follow me @doctork44), and was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to actually chat with some of our Bills players. Twitter isn't what I thought it was, I follow only Bills players and some of my favorite sports writers. It's a good opportunity to get a better insight of who these players are and get different perspectives of our team.

This had me thinking about some of the things I would just love to know. Look at my top 10 list below. Feel free to answer some of my questions and add your own. Maybe we can learn from each other and get some of these questions answered by our players.

10- Relationships

Who are friends or enemies on the team? One would think that guys are friends with other players who plays the same position as them. But recently I saw a pretty funny interaction between Stevie J and E Wood. Now I wouldn't think that those two guys would actually be friends. I know Kelsay and Wood didn't care much for Maybin, but who else doesn't get along?

9- Significant others

Twitter allows fans and others to actually see what these guys wives and girlfriends look like. Man these guys are married to and dating super models (no I'm no envious). So I was wondering who has the hottest girlfriend or wife. DB D. Ellis is a funny guy, boy does he have an interesting

8- Playbook

Our playbooks are now on ipads. I was wondering what it actually looks like on an Ipad. Did they create an app for it, or is it an internet-base playbook. Can they pull up videos on it, while they view the playbook. Just curious to see what it all entails and how advanced is it.

7- Class Clown/A$$hole

Who is the funniest guy in the locker? Who plays the pranks and keep the mood light. I've read that T. Choice is a pretty funny guy and is known to keep the jokes going. But from his tweets and what I see, I wouldn't had imagine that. Also, who is the least liked guy in the locker room. If I had to guess, it would be a guy like Mario. He's overpaid, and the demands he had last year with his own refrigerator was kind of ridiculous. Plus I haven't heard anyone say anything nice about him.

6- Buffalo

How do the players REALLY feel about playing and living in Buffalo? Of course they will give you the company line, but I couldn't imagine growing up in FL and CA, with the great weather, baby dolls, and beaches, and leaving that for Buffalo. Now I visited Buffalo on 4 to 5 occasions; its not bad, but it isn't LA either.

5- All that Money

What the heck do you with all that money? Now I know that all of these guys don't make the top money, but the ones who do, how the heck do you manage to have all that money and still care about what happens on Sunday's. I mean knowing that I just took home a 300k game check, will make the loss on Sunday a whole lot easier to deal with.

4- The Fans

How do you REALLY feel about me, the fan? A grown man, who soon to be 30 who acts like a little giddy school girl who sees a Buffalo Bill at the airport.

"Can I get a picture Mr. Merriman, great game yesterday? I even did your lights out dance after the sack." Yes I said this right in front of my wife, what kind of man am I? He must've been thinking, "look at this clown."

3- Athletes

I'm sure a lot of these guys have played and can play other sports. The batting practice that they do every year in Toronto and Stevie J basketball moves is the proof. But I was wondering if they was to put together a basketball team, who will be the starting 5? Who can shoot, who can handle, and who can rebound and block shots? Are the players on Defense the best basketball defenders? I would love to see a flat out 100m race between the fastest guys on the team.

2- Extracurricular

The parties that these guys go to, what do they look like? Can you imagine the bar tab at their parties. What kind of cars do they drive and how do their homes look?

1- A Day in the Life

Man if it was all possible, even if it was for a fee for charity. I would love to spend one day at practice and at the facility. I want to be able to participate in all meetings and practices. Sit with the coaches as the discuss the game plan. I really want to know what it takes mentally and physically to be a professional football player.

But it won't stop there. I want to play my HS position and actually get on the field, and run out the tunnel and do a post game interview. Maybe one of these guys can REALLY tell what it's like.

Okay so what you think guys? What do you want to know?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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