Preseason Game 1 Observations

The QB's -

I've seen mostly praise for EJ's performance with some criticism peppered in regarding him "checking-down." From appearance it looked like the Colts were playing a vanilla cover 2 and there were receivers underneath flying open on every play. What do you want him to do in that scenario? Ignore the easy yardage and try to press it in to a doubled receiver? He did what every good QB does and took what was there. There's no debating his arm strength, that's for certain. His underneath throws looked they were shot out of a Jugs machine. Overall I was very impressed and didn't care about not seeing him throw the go. He also made some throws with a defender in his face and that was on my checklist of things I wanted to see him do.

Tuel looked a like vet running that offense as efficiently as he did. His arm talent may not be what EJs is, but wow am I happy about the prospect of having two young guns at the position keeping the vet on his toes.

Tuel's efficiency brings me to the main meat of my post:

The Coaching -

I was really impressed by how crisply the offense operated the hurry-up offense. This is something that could be difficult to achieve against tackling dummies if your players aren't buying-in. Everyone looked like they were on the same page and really enthused about making the next play happen. I don't think I've seen that in a Bills team since the early nineties! No. I'm not comparing them to the nineties Bills. It's really just an indictment of the coaching the franchise has rolled out (endured?) for the better part of 20 years.

Well Oil Machine HCDM... Well done. Preseason or not. In fact, even more impressive because it was preseason game 1, not in spite of the fact.

Marcel Dareus -

Can you guys get off his back? Dareus is the top priority of the O-line. I don't have a breakdown but I noticed he was doubled on almost all of his snaps. That IS production just in virtue of that fact. It means other guys can pressure the QB. If that doesn't count for you, you're playing fantasy football.

Receivers -

Hard to know if the Colts secondary depth is plain atrocious or if we have an abundance of depth here now. But man along with the QBs and Kiko's play they are making this draft look really interesting. I'll leave it on that hopeful note.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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