The Art of War in regards to the Bills so far

The Bills were one of the apex teams in the late 80's early 90's . Since then the Bills have been pestered by incompetent head coaches, a confused front office, and demoralize players. Every year since then, was a met with hope but ended in disappointment. This year feels different- different from the williams, jauron, and gailey years. An off season filled player releases/ acquisitions, Ralph relinquishing control, new head coach and players. I'm no expert on the art of war, but from what I understanding of the book, The Bills look in good shape-so far.

All warfare is based on deception.

The Bills applied it beautifully off and on the field. In the draft, many analysts believed that the Bills would draft either Nassib, Barkley, or smith. The other half of analyst predicted Warmack, Rhodes, or Patterson. As a shock, and quite arguably the boldest pick in the draft, EJ manuel was drafted as the 16th pick. Buffalo got the guy they wanted and got another second round pick as a result. On the field Pettine's defense has been showing "exotic looks and disguises" in simpler terms deception. Offenses do not know where the pressure is going to be or if there is going to be any pressure at all. Pettine's defense, thus far is dictating what the offense is going to do.

Leadership and Mentality.

-Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.
How many times as Bills players/fans felt this way?

Both Whaley and Marrone have emphasized this quote. Whaley wanted to bring a winning attitude toward the team, a leader can want to win all he wants if he doesn't act on it. Marrone said that he wanted to be sort of the CEO of a team. He surrounded himself with ambituous talents Pettine and Hackett. During the first playoff game, Steve Tasker said when Marrone wants pressure or coverage he just tells Pettine pressure or coverage. Unlike Gailey, Marrone has given up offensive play calling duties to Hackett (maybe another analysis)- thus giving more time for Marrone to manage the game and players.
Marrone was hired as the HC. One of the first things that Marrone did was instill a sense of pride in his players. He displayed images of past glory in the Bills training facility to boost morale-showing his players a clear objective of what the team needs to accomplish. In the first preseason games the defense held against the colts early scores. But as the game progressed, in the middle of the second quarter the Bills had already won the game and the Colts knew it. The second game, again, the bills defense dictated what the vikings were going to do, Ponder was running for his life for the first quarter. What the outcome eventually was that the Vikings O-line was so jittery the Bills capitalized on bad snap that arguably won the game. The coach of the Vikings didn't seem to pleased that the bills blitzed often. Oh well- if you don't plan on winning, don't show up. Thought the score does not reflect it. the Bills showed up.
There's more to art of war than just these 2 examples.Just google it and you can see a lot of mistakes that other NFL teams are making running their team. (especially the Pats!!) GO BILLS !!!!!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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