Morning Joe! Crazy Times At St. John's Fisher; Training Camp Recap



Good morning Rumblers,

Training camp has pretty much come and gone. I must say this has been a pretty eventful camp, definitely different from all the other camps in years past. I feel like it has been a whirlwind of emotions; up and down, happy and sad, the whole bit.

So lets recap this year's training camp, and have a little fun at it shall we. I'll also be giving out a few training camp awards

"Super-Stupid" Mario

Mario Williams has been no stranger to controversy this off season. From a rather odd break up with his girl friend, where suicide was mentioned, to a peculiar foot injury right before training camp. But of course, our very own Mario Williams couldn't stop there. He also snitched on DC Mike Pettine, saying that the DC preaches "killing" the opponent, and thought that it was funny to poke fun of Aaron Hernandez and take pictures of himself with automatic weapons and post it on the internet. So congratulations Mario, you get the "Just Shut-Up Award"

"I'm Done! I'm Not Answering Anymore of Your Questions"

Folks, we have a Head Coach with a pulse. During a press conference, our very own Doug Marrone snapped on a reporter who was asking too many questions about the injury of Mario Williams. This has to be the first time that I can remember a coach of ours having a testy exchange with the press. I found it pretty entertaining and refreshing to see our coach have a certain edge about him. Good job by the coach setting the tone. Marrone gets the "Golden Mic Award", which is giving to the coach with the best presser.

Tap Out or Throw Up

Coach Hackett created quite a stir when he said that his star RB CJ Spiller will either tap out or throw up, due to the amount of carries he would get this season. Our OC has quite the personality and is known to be a fire cracker at practices. Maybe it has something to do with his obsession with the Red Bull energy drink, either way I have a feeling this isn't going to be the last we hear from coach Hackett. So the coach gets the "Energizer Bunny Award", which goes to the man with the most energy.

"Mat" Gate



Only Kevin Kolb a.k.a Mr. Glass can hurt himself in a way in which leaves everyone speechless. Here's a guy who is fighting for his NFL career, and manages to jeopardize his chances by slipping on a wet mat. 90 guys had to take the same path, yet Kolb is the only one that gets hurt. First guy on IR, my vote goes to Kolb. So congratulations to Kolb for winning the "Mr. Glass Award", which is giving to the player who always seems to be hurt.

Momma Said Knock You Out



I swear this is one of the funniest pictures I have ever seen. CB Crezdon Butler whooped up on rookie WR Robert Woods during a scuffle at training camp. Crezdon Butler, a soft spoken country boy who has a passion for R&B music, manage to beat up a kid from the mean streets of LA. The beat down can be seen here. But Crezdon didn't stop there. He took his undefeated record to camp a few practices later and tried his hand with Hard Knocks Hero , Chris Hogan a.k.a 7-11. Hogan dropped the infamous leg drop on Crezdon, broke his nose, and the fight ended there. Crezdon is now 1-1 for training camp, maybe he can improve his record today, but my money is on the other guy. Crezdon gets the "Charmin Tissue award", which is given to the guy who is soft as tissue, but strong like Charmin.

Half Baked?



2nd year player and fourth round draft pick Nigel Bradham, managed to get cited for possession of that good ole sticky icky, a.k.a cush, ganja, chronic, you know. Here is a guy who earned a spot at the ILB position this training camp and is now possibly facing a suspension. The last guy that had a drug issue in Buffalo was shipped out of here for a 4th round pick, a pack of skittles, and carton of cigarettes. I'm not sure what Bradham can for, maybe can of Vienna Sausages, a hot pocket, Aaron Maybin Hopefully for Nigel, this serves as a wake up call. So Nigel wins the "Munchies Award", giving to the player who can't stop getting high.

Down Goes Manuel! Down Goes Manuel!

After the Vikings game, I went to sleep feeling pretty good about our QB situation. After Kolb stunk it up and EJ had a pretty good outing, I thought the battle was sealed. Then I wake up to tweets and alerts and find out that Manuel was having a procedure done on his knee. What the heck? I just knew that the Football Gods was cursing us again, but it appears that everything is okay. It looks like Manuel should be ready to go by week one, and we can rest easy. So Manuel will get the "Norelco Close Call Award", which is given to the player who gave us the biggest scare during training camp.

Byrd Who Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest



Wow! I'm just glad this crazy saga is over (temporarily). Our best defensive player Jarius Byrd has finally made his way back to the coop after weeks away from the team. I'm hoping he is in shape and ready to go, because his presence can help solidify a pretty good defense (on paper). I know one thing, if ever stall in signing a 7 mil contract, you all have the right to slap the fire out of me. Byrd gets the "Angry Byrd Award", which goes to the player who is angry for no reason.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed the rather humorous approach of my training camp recap. No matter what happens during the rest of the year, we can at least say that it hasn't been boring. This team is already entertaining us, hopefully they can put up more wins in the win column. Thorough all the BS, we managed so far (knock on wood a thousand times) to stay relatively healthy and managed to pull off 2 wins. Good job Boys! Lets keep it going.

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