Could Buffalo keep 7 or even 8 Wide Receivers on the roster?

with 50 roster spots up for grabs ( 53 - P-K-LS=50) is it possible that Buffalo could keep 7 or even 8 Wide Receivers on the roster

Teams around the NFL for the most part keep 5 to 6 on their rosters but why? is there a unwritten rule that says that?Buffalo Kept 5 on the roster last year

wouldn't be in a teams best interest to play to its strengths take for instance teams without a running game and pass the ball a million times a game say Green Bay would Green Bay have been better off using a roster spot that is usually given to a 3rd string Running Back and give it to a 7th Receiver who could be better utilized during a game as a sub package player or to keep the starters a lot less "winded" during the game

Focusing on Buffalo's current Roster and Depth Chart Would Buffalo be better off keeping another receiver or two over a backup Offensive Lineman a 4th string Tight End or even a FullBack

3rd Runningback Is Tashard Choice better to have on this roster than a 7th or 8th receiver ? i don't believe so Buffalo could start the season with Spiller and Jackson and if either get hurt depending on the severity we could either IR and sign Choice back to the active roster or go to a straight passing offense with the 8 receiver core

Buffalo's Offensive Line has always been known for being versatile whether by choice or desperation we have had Guards play Center and even Tackle could we get away with having only 8 lineman on the roster instead of the usual 9 Glenn Urbik Woods Pears Brown Legursky Young and maybe keep Sanders around until Hairston comes off the PUP list

Buffalo used a FullBack 18% of the time in 2012 with McIntyre and Dickerson seeing snap counts of 100 and 97 is there room for Buffalo to keep a Fullback on this roster and would he see the field enough to warrant Keeping that roster spot

4th Tight End with Chandler and Smith pretty much a given to make this team and going off of the Teams official depth chart as of right now Gragg is the 4th Tight End with Chandler Smith and Dickerson ahead of him does Buffalo Keep 4 Tight Ends or even 3 Tight Ends on this roster Could Gragg be placed on IR for the Year and Stash him for 2014 or would we subject him to waivers and hope that nobody claims him

Could Buffalo Utilize SubPackages with their Wideouts

Hands team

Stevie Woods Rogers Hogan Kaufman

Speed Team

Graham Easley Goodwin Hogan Rogers

Redzone Team

Stevie Woods Kaufman Rogers Hogan

could this be a viable option in todays NFL bringing in the best set of receivers for situations would it work? and would it be worth the extra roster spots that have to be used to make it work?

Would having Receivers rotate throughout the drive be effective in a high speed fast paced offense as such the one we are going to run this year it could by keeping receivers fresh and keep Defensive Coordinators off balance by continually rotating Receivers in and out

Buffalo Receiver situation as of now has Stevie Johnson TJ Graham Robert Woods Marquise Goodwin as "locks" to make the team

If Buffalo were to keep 8 receivers who would you want ?

my 8 would be Stevie Johnson TJ Graham Robert Woods Marquise Goodwin Da'Rick Rogers Chris Hogan Marcus Easley and Brandon Kaufman

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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