The Byrd Trade Situation

Just wanted to throw this thing together real quick:

On Sept. 5 Buffalo News reporter Mark Gaughan citing 2 NFL sources said Parker and Byrd were seeking a trade. Brian wrote this piece.

Later that day Byrd was all "what trade": See here

Today Brandon was all like "whatchu talking about Willis": See here

So really my only point on this was not to get overly concerned when we hear Byrd wanting out of Buffalo. I don't think that's his intention at all and i'll just copy and paste some of Kaisertown's comments on this. Because he's smart and stuff. Thanks Kaiser!

the Front Office did nothing to make him feel welcome

To add on to your points: Doug Whaley said on numerous occasions that there were no hard feelings about the hold out and that Byrd would be welcomed back with open arms whenever he chose to show up. Marrone expressed similar feelings about the holdout not being held against Byrd. He spent the whole offseason being listed atop the depth chart despite not being here. The only thing the FO didn’t do with Byrd was offer him the biggest or 2nd biggest contract in the history of the safety position (andpotentially didn’t send him fruit baskets).

Maybe a little. I think that one thing that Parker screwed up was that he got in Byrd’s ear and gave him an unrealistic dollar amount that he could get in FA. I’m guessing Parker told Byrd that he could get him Eric Berry’s contract and maybe then some. Because what Buffalo reportedly offered Byrd seemed reasonable given the leverage they had with the tag and the potential for a 2nd tag.

But Byrd’s camp didn’t leak it. Buffalo’s probably didn’t either. It feels like Parker tried to quietly gauge interest in Byrd and tried to figure out if somebody would both make Buffalo a good offer and then pay big bucks to Byrd next offseason. Thing is, it’s tough to do that quietly.

I am on Byrd’s side on this, comperable talents on good teams are being locked up.

The single most comparable situations to Byrd are Eric Weddle and Dashon Goldson. Goldson just left maybe the best team in the league for nothing in return. Baltimore let Ed Reed walk and lost Paul Kruger and Dannell Ellerbe too. New England lost Wes Welker. The Steelers lost Mike Wallace and Keenan Lewis. Jake Long is now a Ram and NO’s LT, Jermon Bushrod is protecting a new blind side too. Houston let Connor Barwin walk the offseason after we overpaid Mario Williams away. And that’s just this past offseason (plus Mario).

It happens. Sometimes, guys won’t sign a contract extension unless it’s for crazy money because they think they can get said crazy money on the open market. That’s what happened with Levitre. Here’s a link from our own Buffalo Rumblings about how Buffalo and Levitre talked contract. With a guy like Andy Levitre (and apparently Byrd too), you’ve got to be willing to pay more money than any other team to get him under contract. The very best organizations decide not to do so all the time.

Byrd doesn’t wanna be here

That never was and is still not the case. He just wants the huge contract that Parker has told him he can get. Byrd simply thinks that by being traded to another team, he is more likely to get his contract demands met next offseason. There really hasn’t been anything all that cryptic that has happened.

I thought that post was pretty clear. It’s not that Byrd wants to get out of Buffalo. He just wants the biggest contract possible and he doesn’t care who gives it to him. Byrd would happily sign a deal to stay in Buffalo if he thought it was the best offer he was going to get.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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