What do you like this weekend? Week 2

Things did not start so well for me this season! Week 1 can be fickle. I am glad I did not advise you to go heavy last week. However, as the weeks roll on and trends emerge, we should have no problem taking some money from our respective rookies. Let's recap last week:

IND-10**** (L): So I guess I wasn't completely wrong in my prediction that Terrell Pryor would not be a good NFL QB. Where I was wrong was assuming that he would not accumulate more yards than any RB in week 1. Silly me. Regardless, the Raiders may not actually be as bad as everyone thinks in this kid and keep it up. If you're in a survivor pool, Oakland should be your play this week.

CIN@CHI OVER 41.5** (W): Good game. Good cover. Would like to see more from Cincy moving forward as they have potential to win some bets for us this year.

TB-3** (L): My comment from last week - "Two words...GENO and SMITH...hahahaha poor Jets." New two words...GOD D*MNIT! This kid may actually be able to play. Let's just assume it was a fluke.

NE@BUF OVER 51*** (L): I was expecting a blowout. The Bills made a game out of it. Unfortunately, they weren't able to make more of a game out of it.

So after a miserable week, my record stands at 1-3-0. Plenty of football left this season boys and girls! Onto week 2 lines and picks:

NYJ@NE-11.5 O/U43.5

SD@PHI-8 O/U55.5

CLE@BAL-7 O/U43.5

TEN@HOU-9.5 O/U43

MIA@IND-3 O/U43.5

CAR@BUF+3 O/U43.5

STL@ATL-7 O/U47.5

WAS@GB-7 O/U50

DAL@KC-3 O/U47

MIN@CHI-6.5 O/U42

NO@TB+4 O/U48

DET@ARI+2.5 O/U48.5


DEN@NYG+5.5 O/U56

SF@SEA+2.5 O/U45

PIT@CIN-7 O/U40.5

My week 2 picks:

NYJ+11.5*: I can't believe I am typing this. My confidence in this bet is low, but I just don't see how a team that struggled against a Bills team that, IMO, played awfully bad can be giving 11.5 points while missing the two best offensive weapons they had in said game! The Jets played surprisingly well. I DO think it was a fluke, but I have to take the points on this one. Please use the comments section to support or talk me out of this one.

PHI-8***: Did you see that game on Monday? Expect their home opener to be even more electric. Don't be scared by the big number.

BUF+3****: While I do believe we are giving them far too much credit for keeping the New England game close, I fully expect things to click on offense this week. I have a feeling that Stevie goes off, CJ goes off, EJ throws 'em deep. I like Buffalo coming out firing. Carolina will play tough, but I have a feeling the Panthers won't be able to keep up with the scoring.

DAL+3***: At first I thought, "wow, with Romo hurt - KC should run away with this" But then I remembered that Romo is ALWAYS hurt. The Dallas Cowgirls are looked outstanding last week. I like that to continue.

DEN-5.5*****: I want to say that Eli will finally get the better of his big bro. But then I want to laugh at the thought of anyone getting the better of Manning-to-Welker this season.

Bonus Upset Pick:

ARI+2.5: Notice this has no ranking. I have been looking at this game all morning. While I refuse to count it in my record (win or lose), I like the Cards' home opener to put the hurting on Detroit. I like the upset here.

That's what I like this week. I didn't pick any over/under plays this reason why, just like the sides better. Perhaps your comments will encourage me to play some totals! Good luck this weekend and GO BILLS!

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