The Buffalo "culture" thing - part II


Guys, i known, it wasn't pretty all the time. But c'mon. Matt even was writing the post about our loss before the last winning drive. C'mon Matt, you're better than that.

Like i said last week, this team is promising. I don't known if we will make the playoffs. We had some bad mistakes. But i'm sure that people will begin to respect this young team. Our defense is scary. Our offense is starting to make progress, and has the ability on skill positions to be really good. The losing days are over.

Oh and how about the bad luck? We had bad penaltys and bad luck, but in the final drive, how about the PI on Kuechly? Yeah Bills fans, we can have some luck too. We just need to belive!

Like i was expecting, Spiller and Stevie step up their games today. They were great, especially Stevie, yeah, that's my guy, what a game! They are our best offensive players, annd played like that today. If they were bad today, maybe we would lost this game, just like if they played better against the Patsies, maybe we had won in week 1. We need then playing like thenselfs, and it was awesome today.

How about SUPER MARIO WILLIAMS! I watched the game with my Mario jersey. I think it will be my second skin now,4.5 sacks. Oh boy. I think if you play that way all games maybe you will earn a renegotiated contract, maybe 200 million, who knowns? lol, what a game by Super Mario, and all the defnesive line.

Another thing i'm saying since last week and i will say again. The AFC East has a new island. WELCOME TO MCKELVIN'S ISLAND! Leo's playing great, since the last few games from last season and i'm really happy OBD saw that and re-signed him to be our starting LCB. The guy really can cover. Happy to see that the McKelvin highway is closed right now.

Kiko Alonso. This kid really is a gamer. The perfect LB to our defense. Future Pro Bowler for sure.

And EJ Manuel. How some guys can in any way talk about the Bills drafting a QB in the next year draft first round? Are u nuts? Forget that. EJ was the choosen one. He will have his shot this year and in the next few ones. The guy was supposed to be so raw that we would not be able to start him this year, but after be out for 2 weeks recovering from a knee surgery, this kid is doing all the right things and in his first game put us in a position to win against Tom fricking Brady and in his second start, played toe to toe against "Super-man" Cam Newton and was the clutch player who led us to a win in the last drive! This kid is special. If you don't bellive, stop to talk! At least respect a real nice kid who works hard and wants to prove himself he can led our franchise back to the glory days! I bellive in you EJ!

All the guys deserves praise, and i want to congrulatulate everyone, but i now i just wanted to write about how we need to change our culture of loosing again. We need to belive, we need to think positive! Enough of all the negativity. At least let's wait the end of the game to say the Bills lost, because our team is really fighting until the last wristle.

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