What do you like this weekend? Week 3

I hope everyone paid attention last week to my picks and the great picks in our comments sections. If you did, you likely have a couple more buck in your wallet this week. The ship has steered clear of the iceberg and is back on track, baby! Let's keep it up this week.

Week 2 Recap:

NYJ+11.5* (W) The Jets are who we thought they were...just good enough to cover against Tom Brady and the WR corps of a Boston area high school team. Even Tom Brady is struggling with this group of nobodies. Don;t worry. He'll be back later in the season to cover 14+ point spreads.

PHI-8*** (L) San Diego - wtf? You're not supposed to be any good. Phillip Rivers is supposed to get you up by 14 points and then throw 5 picks, put a miserable crybaby face on and then you a lot. wtf?!?!

BUF+3**** (W): Buffalo - you are finally the horse I want to ride all season long! Big win!

DAL+3*** (W): Well they covered.

DEN-5.5***** (W): All my betting buddies over thought this one talking about how Eli and the G-Men would step up to the big game. Don't over think it, folks. If Vegas gives you a gift (see Buffalo this week) TAKE IT!

Bonus Upset Pick:

ARI+2.5: This will not count on the record as I said it wouldn't...but nice upset, Ari (W)! Watch out for big numbers and Detroit this year. Inconsistent team.

With that the season record is now 5-4-0. Let's keep it going this week.

Week 3 Lines:

KC@PHI-3.5 O/U50.5

SD@TEN-3 O/U44

CLE@MIN-6.5 O/U40.5

TB@NE-7 O/U44

HOU@BAL+2.5 O/U44.5

STL@DAL-4.5 O/U47.5

ARI@NO-7.5 O/U49.5


GB@CIN+3 O/U48.5


ATL@MIA-2 O/U44.5

IND@SF-10 O/U46

JAX@SEA-20 O/U40.5

BUF@NYJ-2.5 O/U39

CHI@PIT+2.5 O/U40

OAK@DEN-16 O/U49.5

My week 3 Picks:

KC@PHI OVER 50.5**: The atmosphere is going to be electric at Lincoln Financial Field tonight. Look for points and lots of them! Tough to pick a side in this one. I have a feeling Philly will cover the 3.5, but too tough to pick for me.

MIN-6.5****:It's just so easy to take this favorite that it actually should scare me away. But then I think that Brian Hoyer will start for the Brownies...Brian Hoyer, people.

ATL+2**: At some point I may realize that Miami is not as bad as I think they are...but until then, I'll take the better team getting points. Even without Steven Jackson, the Dirty Birds should be able to beat Miami through the air.

SEA-20****: Seattle will stop at nothing to run up major points on the lowly jags because Pete Carroll is that kid who got bullied all the time as a kid and now will get his revenge at home. This trainwreck of a game will be something like 68-3. You watch.

SD@TEN OVER 44****: Tennessee will put up some points because they're at home coming off a tough loss. If they can put 24 up on Houston, then they should be able to hang 20+on SD. SD will do the normal hang 20+ early then suck. Look for the cover by the 3rd quarter though.

Finally - PICK OF THE WEEK - BUF+2.5*****: This is no homer bet here, folks. I love Buffalo as the underdog going into this game off an emotional win. The story lines are just too good to pass up. Buffalo wins this game and wins it big. BOOM!

Thoughts? Comment away and let's make some scratch.

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