10,039 to be exact....

Straight from the horses mouth, and I'm sure the number of registered users has grown since August 31.

10,039 to be exact.

by Brian Galliford on Aug 31, 2013 | 2:04 PM up rec (1) flag

I am amazed at how large this community has grown since I began lurking here early in 2008. Although I am not surprised; Brian & Matt are excellent at what they do. The reason why I started with the registered user count is for perspective. Myself, along with other Bills fans who are currently living/working overseas need the help of the community. Der Jeager (sorry Mr. Pieri, but I will always think of you as that first - no disrespect intended Sir) immediately comes to mind.

I'm currently a contractor working overseas in Afghanistan. I am primarily based in Kabul, but I travel around the country quite a bit. My fellow vets (Air Force here), active duty, retirees, dependents, and contractors are all very familiar with AFN. Basically it's around 11 channels of American programming that is broadcast mainly for Americans located outside of the US. AFN chooses it's sports programming based on rivalries, national interest, best (assumed) match ups, event (ie the Masters over a Jags vs. Browns game), and finally they show more of the contenders towards the end of the season. Sadly, our beloved Bills haven't fallen into any of those categories in quite some time.

But there is hope: NFL fans Buffaloed by Bills' domination of AFN 'Fan's Choice'

I was working in Iraq at the time. It was glorious. Best part (sadly) was that since most of our games started at 1pm EST, the games would air at 8pm in the Middle East. I could still have a few beers and/or some scotch (both during some of the uglier games), watch the game, and be good for work in the morning. Now, I did purchase a SlingBox, that currently resides at my sister's house back in Buffalo. Besides the occasional blackout, it can be very frustrating watching a very choppy feed due the low amount of bandwidth available here in country. I have to stay away from the game thread because I am usually about a minute behind the live action.

Back to community. We are over 10,000 strong here. Best fans league. We can be a force. So if you have a minute, help out your fellow Bills fanatics who can't regularly view Buffalo play. I apologize for the drawn out post, again, just wanted to give a bit of "perspective". Hopefully, you can vote weekly, if you remember. I'm not going to spam Rumblings with a weekly post.

You can vote here.

Voting regularly starts Sundays at 7PM CET / Monday at 2AM JKT and closes each Wednesday at 12AM CET / 7AM JKT.

Thank you, and I'll rejoin you all at 1am local time to watch the us demolish the Jets (actually showing the game tonight).

Go Bills!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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