Waiting 24 hrs not needed

Oh boy, what a debacle. I hated the hiring of Nackett when it was announced and I hate it just as much now. He is not a quality OC. You don't have to run every play from the shotgun. You don't always have to run on first down. This offense is way too predictable. CJ, where are you at man?? Defense, oh, defense, were you aware that the game started at 4 today?

Lets be clear of 2 things:

1. If the D doesn't have a strong game, this team doesn't stand a chance.

2. This is not a playoff team and any mention of playoffs is just silly this year. This year is, as I always believed, a learning experience for the Bills, who will have 14 years of non winning non playoff football. That is not in doubt.

That said, I do believe that when the Jets come here that it will be a similar storyline, only reversed. I think EJ will have a pretty good game and Smith will struggle, it is the nature of the beast. No team is as good or bad as they appear and home field changes much from week to week, save for the elite teams, and even they lose.

Passing game- D Ej was in over his head. Period. The OL was bad. The WR's couldn't gain separation. It was bad. The reason it wasn't an F is b/c there were some nice plays, but, not nearly enough or nearly consistent enough.

Running game C- Oh CJ, where are you? Fred looked slow beyond that one run. They ran pretty good in the first half. But, when they needed it most, the entire second half, the run game was no where to be found. I don't understand why they can't line up under center sometimes. I don't understand why they don't throw slants, come backs etc. Why don't they run the eye formation? The running game was so predictable in the first half, it made me ill.

Run D D - they gave up another hundred yards to a HB. Not an elite HB, but, a journeyman HB. They are soft in the front 7.

Pas D F----- Please cut Justin Rodgers. It is one thing to be beat, it is another thing entirely to take yourself out of plays. It was sad to watch him over and over again run past the WR and give them free access to the pass. I know they are down to their 3,4, 5th and 6th CB's, but, the Jets don't have elite talent at the WR spot, yet, for the second year in a row, we let them look like the next coming of Richard Todd and Wesley Walker catching bombs.

Special Teams B. I thought they did a decent job, punts were good, solid placement, and were solid on field goals.

Coaching F on both O and D and a B+ on Special teams. The game plans were terrible. They made Smith look like a seasoned pro. I know Byrd, McK and Gilmore were out, but, that was unacceptable. On O, too much running on first down, and why, why didn't anyone tell EJ that if they blitz one sided overload to just run a crossing pattern? Why try the fade deep downfield? Does anyone actually remember him hitting one of those? I thought EJ was awful today. Slow starts are bad. The Jets wanted to give us the game and we just didn't want it. Simple as that.

Suteck out!!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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