Game Review : What Whaley and Marrone should do next

First off lets review some good and some bad from today's game

the Bad

Colin Brown The dude is getting abused every game trying to use strength to make up for lack of technique doesn't maintain control and often loses his 1 vs 1 battles

The Secondary partly due to injuries and lack of playing experience we are getting beat in the secondary CBs are not looking back for the ball ( Pro Tip for CBs when the WR looks back you do to ) I'm hoping once Byrd and Gilmore come back it won't be too bad side note how bad could Brandon Burton be if he can't even see the field after Rogers gives up 200+ yards ?

Run Contain to many of times were we impatient and collapsing instead of setting the edge which allowed for big gains on the ground which lead to easy 3rd down conversions and keeping the Defense on the field instead of off

Honorable Awful Mentions

EJ's deep ball locations instead of placing the ball in the field of play he continually throws the ball out of bounds Marrone and Hackett need to work on that with him all week in practice

Hacketts play calling he had some great plays called at the right time yet for the entire game he was calling one dimensional run plays ( Dives and Sweeps are not the only Run plays you have to use in a game Hackett ) CJ needs space to run give him Counters and Draws one play i think needs to come back is the Gailey center Screen Package

The Good

Kiko Alonso every week he shows why Buffalo drafted him in the second round in three games he has 27 tackles (17 solo) 2 Ints 1 sack has has not missed a single tackle this year

Fred Jackson a true leader in the locker room and on the field he brings toughness every play and continues to show the world the tank isn't empty

Mike Pettine he has revamped this defense to be more aggressive and has consistently put pressure on the opposing offense it's a nice change from the Wannestadt Defense of yesteryear

Honorable Good Mentions

We only lost by 7 so there's that

this had all the makings of two teams who did what ever it took not to win and the Jets came out with it I had modest expectations at the start of the season and still have modest expectations 3 games into the season

What Whaley should do next

He should bring in anyone who he thinks will be an upgrade and play Immediately at LG

my list would have

Jammal Brown Jared Gaither Frank Omiyale

I know Buddy Nix valued Draft Picks like gold i would still call around and see if certain players are available

Browns Joe Haden Alex Mack Joe Thomas

Jaguars Eugene Monroe Alan Ball

Steelers David Decastro Cortez Allen

What Marrone should do next Marrone needs to take the training wheels off of EJ and let him play EJ football Marrone also needs to talk to Hackett about his conservative and predictable play calling in certain situations like inside the 10 running Dives and Powers instead of Slants and Squat routes

as always


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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