My week 3 rumblings, and why everyone needs to take a deep breath


· Hold your horses on publicly hanging EJ. Yes, he couldn't hit a fade if his life depended on it yesterday, and yes he looked like captain check down V3.0. But lets not act like the WR’s were running wild in open space. I think I saw about 4-5 plays where the WR’s beat their man, and EJ hit the WR just about every time.

· Why did it seem like on every 3rd and long, the WR’s ran 5 yard patterns? I have to blame the offense looking like garbage mostly on Hackett. If you need 7 yards, why are you running 5 yard patterns?!?

· IF you are going to do the west coast short pass offense, wouldn’t it be wise to have some of your more physical receivers in the game (Hogan or Easley). TJ Graham (5’11, 188lbs) played 68 snaps. Marcus Easley (6’2, 217) and Chris Hogan (6’1, 215) are noticeably more physical. So if you are relying on your WR’s to create separation from the DB, wouldn’t you want to use the WR’s who have that physical ability to do so?

· The O-line. Yikes. I don’t know what was going on today, as we’ve looked good against two solid Defenses this year. I think it was a combo of the Jets D having no fear of EJ, coupled with the repetitious play calling. It seemed like they were bringing 8 guys every play.

· CJ. Yes, he looked not good. But I saw lots of people calling him out for not running hard. The guy got hit behind the line of scrimmage EVERY FREAKIN TIME. Freddy ran 7 times for 72 yards. 59 of those yards came on a play where half of the Jets defense literally stopped playing (how funny was it when the Jets lineman was doing his "we stopped him behind the line dance" as Freddy ran past him?). That means that on his 6 other carries, Freddy gained 12 yards for an average of 2ypc. How can you look at those stats, of two upper echelon RB’s, and say its their fault?

· EJ and the read option. EJ ended up with 6 rushes, but it seemed like half of those were on scrambles. As the announcer alluded to yesterday, if EJ never keeps the ball and runs with it, its not really an option play. As of right now, there is no fear from the defense thinking that EJ is going to run.


· Justin Rogers is bad, we get it. But honestly, how many other #4 DB’s in the league are able to step in and cover the opponents #1 WR? Not many. I blame Pettine for not adjusting to the fact that they were targeting Rogers, and our Safeties for not giving him any help.

· Maybe it’s my Buffalo bias, but it sure looked like Mario got held early and often. He would speed rush pas the defender, but before he could turn the edge to get to the QB, it seemed like someone always had a hand on his shoulders pulling him. I could be exaggerating, but in a game with so many penalties, its shocking that 1 didn’t go for holding Mario.

· Kiko Alonso is getting the hype, but Manny Lawson is having a hell of a season. He’s making plays that don’t earn him too much buzz, but he’s been an integral part in the defense making plays late in games.

· How much different would that game look if we had Gilmore, Byrd, Brooks and McKelvin all game? Williams wouldn’t have to move back to CB (where he’s shown weakness compared to his Safety play), and we would have two good safeties available to help struggling CB’s.

· I don’t know what to make of our D-line/Linebackers. Powell had 150 yards rushing on us, but it seemed like more often than not he’d get hit a yard or two after the line. Our LB’s need to be able to clean those plays up so he doesn’t get 3, 4 or 5 extra yards.


· Shawn Powell looks to be the real deal. Just about every punt lands inside the 10, and half the time on the Touchbacks, he’s dropping the ball in before the endzone. The gunners just aren't getting there in time.

· I’ve had my reservations about Carpenter, but he’s looked OK so far. That said, I hope Hopkins comes back soon.

· Kyle Wilson got worked over by the refs yesterday. First he gave Eric Wood a small shove, to which Wood flopped 5 yards backwards. Next he pushed Stevie as they were both getting up, to which Stevie flopped himself. Both "shoves" were probably unnecessary, but neither deserved 15 yard Personal Foul flags either. That said, I’ll take it where I can get it.

· Finally, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop calling for Jeff Tuel. He isn’t better than EJ. He should never see the field if he doesn’t have to.

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