League Standings with Tie Breakers

League Standings Name Games Won Total Opponents Wins of Games Won Point Ratio for all Games Played
1 Dolphins 3 4 0.582677165354331
2 Chiefs 3 3 0.676190476190476
3 Broncos 3 3 0.641414141414141
4 Patriots 3 3 0.634408602150538
5 Seahawks 3 2 0.761061946902655
6 Saints 3 2 0.648148148148148
7 Bears 3 2 0.562130177514793
8 Ravens 2 4 0.525925925925926
9 Texans 2 3 0.460526315789474
10 Colts 2 2 0.586206896551724
11 Cowboys 2 1 0.601449275362319
12 Bengals 2 1 0.539568345323741
13 Jets 2 1 0.523809523809524
14 Titans 2 1 0.517241379310345
15 Lions 2 0 0.543046357615894
16 Cardinals 1 2 0.414814814814815
17 Chargers 1 1 0.490566037735849
18 Falcons 1 1 0.489655172413793
19 Bills 1 1 0.471014492753623
20 Rams 1 1 0.402777777777778
21 49ers 1 1 0.34375
22 Panthers 1 0 0.653846153846154
23 Packers 1 0 0.521739130434783
24 Eagles 1 0 0.478787878787879
25 Raiders 1 0 0.459677419354839
26 Browns 1 0 0.423423423423423
27 Vikings 0 0 0.457627118644068
28 Redskins 0 0 0.406060606060606
29 Buccaneers 0 0 0.373626373626374
30 Steelers 0 0 0.355932203389831
31 Giants 0 0 0.319526627218935
32 Jaguars 0 0 0.233333333333333

I'm not going to attempt to do power rankings at the moment. If I were, the Dolphins would not be on top.

How this is set up:

  • Games won is the first tie breaker (obviously).
  • Of the games won, the opponents' combined win total is the second tie breaker (this is basically a strength of victory tie breaker, was the opponent you beat a good team or a bad team).
  • And Point ratio in all games played is the last tie breaker (another strength of victory tie breaker, but I feel that wins over poor teams, like the Jaguars skewers this, perhaps this should be weighted in some fashion).

So, for the Dolphins 3 wins, the Browns have 1 win, the Colts have 2 wins, and the Falcons have 1 win. Where as for the Seahawks 3 wins, the Panthers have 1 win, the 49ers have 1 win, and the Jaguars have 0 wins. This puts the Dolphins above the Seahawks (I assume that during the course of the season the Seahawks will continue to do well, and the Dolphins will not fare as well).

Meanwhile the Seahawks have an 86/113 Point Ratio in games they've played, where as the Saints have a 70/108 Point Ratio, putting the Seahawks above the Saints.

Something I feel is very telling is the Point Ratio, especially for the teams with losing records. For instance the Panthers and Packers (especially) are both better than then their 1-2 records indicate. The Panthers lost a close one to the Bills (that they probably shouldn't have), and hung around and lost another close one to the Seahawks (that they probably should have). Meanwhile the Packers lost a couple close ones to the 49ers, and the Bengals, two quality teams. They started last season 1-2 as well, losing close(ish) ones to the 49ers and Seahawks.

I'd like to eventually do Power Rankings of some sort, that are more metric driven than "Because I feel this team is better than that team." But I still need to come up with the right metric (unfortunately, NFL statistics are either paid for, or not well formatted, as in, I'd need to copy and paste them and then enter them into some sort of Database instead of setting up a Program that just goes and grabs a .csv or .xsl file and imports it to a database I want to use, anyone know of anywhere where the data is a little easier to grab?).

Anyways, thoughts from the number crunchers out there? Do you like the tie breakers I've chosen, or do you feel there are better ones to use? Ideas on metrics to use for power rankings? Eventually I would like to create some metrics that are capable of predicting outcomes of games and does so at high percentage (75% or greater).

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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