Time To Grow Up Quickly?

This weeks game against the Raven's isn't a make or break game for the season. Although if the Bills fall to 1-3 then...well you know. However, this weeks game is a really big opportunity for EJ Manuel to take more of a leadership type of role and put this team on his back to hopefully will his team to win.

Defense decimated by injury? Check
Run game not hitting on all cylinders? Check
Super Bowl champs coming to town? Check
More or less must have game early in the season? Check
Nobody giving the Bills a chance? Check
Facing a defense that is similar to the one he just got beat up on? Check

Talk about having the odds stacked against you. However, the mark of a leader is the ability to overcome obstacles and win when nobody thinks you can win.

EJ has a great opportunity to really take this team and make them believe in him. I know they all say they have "all the confidence in the world in EJ" to the media and fans alike but we all know that's bull. They'll follow him but if he doesn't separate himself from the junk QBs they'll want someone that they can win with behind center. That's just how things work.

His defense is going to need help, his rush offense is going to need his help and his WR's are going to need his help. I can't think of any one player that is more important in this game than EJ Manuel... and that goes for both teams.

What i'll be looking for is to see if he can handle the pressure and execute. Can he grow up quickly and take this team and push them over the top in this young NFL season? Can he overcome the odds and put pressure on the Ravens? Can he learn from the mistakes he made just a week ago and turn those opportunities into strengths?

I'll be watching thinking about these things during the game and watching to see how he responds. Is he going to get up fighting? Is he going to keep making the same mistakes and not learn from them?

This is a golden opportunity for EJ to take the next step during the first quarter of the NFL season. Take this team and will them to victory. It's something that all Bills fans have been clamoring for for far to long. Hopefully this week will be the start of the belief that we actually might have a QB that can win games that we shouldn't win.

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