What do you like this weekend? Week 4

I have been dreading this all week. I had a lousy weekend. However, that's the name of the game in gambling. If anyone tells you (like the "professional capper" moron I just hung up on) that they got the "guarantee" then look at them and then laugh directly in their face (or use some appropriate french terms with him before you hang up the phone on him). Let's recap an awful weekend, shall we?

My week 3 Picks:

KC@PHI OVER 50.5**: (L) Kansas City is emerging as a defensive powerhouse...unbelievable.

MIN-6.5****: (L) Not only did this game cost me some money, it also knocked me out of my survival pool. If I ever see Brian Hoyer on the side of the road, you can bet you rear end imma swerve a little at him. I'm not going to hit him as that would be wrong; but I'm gonna do something Minnesota couldn't all day - give him a little pressure!

ATL+2**: (L) Miami...WTF? You just can't be this good.

SEA-20****: (W) Anyone else catch T-Jax in there? At least they threw some late points up to maintain the cover.

SD@TEN OVER 44****: (L) I truly hate San Diego. They are one of those teams that ALWAYS screws me.

BUF+2.5*****: (L) There is nothing to be said that hasn't already been said on the front page of this fantastic blog. They sucked!

Yep, that's 1-5-0. Awful. Good thing it's early in the season...let's get it back. Season record now sits at 6-9-0.

Week 4 Lines:

SF@STL+3.5 O/U42.5

PIT@MIN+3 O/U 42.5


CIN@CLE+4.5 O/U42.5

IND@JAX+9.5 O/U42.5

SEA@HOU+3 O/U42.5

ARI@TB-2.5 O/U41

CHI@DET-2.5 O/U48

NYG@KC-5 O/U44


DAL@SD+2 O/U47

WAS@OAK+3.5 O/U44

PHI@DEN-11.5 O/U58.5

NE@ATL-2.5 O/U50

MIA@NO-6.5 O/U48

My Week 4 Picks:

SF-3.5***: Look San Fran can't be this bad. I know St. Louis is a decent team, but they have struggled to put up points. Look for SF to get back on their way with a win.

BAL@BUF OVER 44**: I actually kind of like Buffalo to cover (more because I like the upset with Balty coming off of an emotional win with Ray the murderer Lewis in the house last week). But, I'll take the over as Flacco to Smith will be good for a couple of TDs on Sunday; and I like Buffalo to stay in it (and maybe even put up some points)

CIN-4.5******: Cleveland is not good. So they beat the Vikes...c'mon folks! Vegas is giving you this one. The line is actually moving in Cleveland's favor in this contest. Coming off the emotional win I like them to fall on their faces (see Buffalo week 3).

IND-9.5**: Gabbert coming back actually makes this bet better!

ARI+2.5**: Tampa Bay doesn't deserve to give ANY team points...especially with Mike Glennon starting.

ATL-2.5***: New England drops one here as they go to the Georgia Dome for a game against a real team (yep - their squeaker against Buffalo ain't gonna cut it against Atlanta).

That's my card...what do y'all like this weekend?

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