5 Cheapest Football Stadiums

I'm not sure how to feel about this....

I ran across an article online this morning about that was titled the 5 Cheapest Football Stadiums. I was thinking that it would rate them by stadium cost, perhaps adjusted for inflation or with interest piled on to the stadium cost. That doesn't appear to be the case. Here's what the article had to say about Buffalo, the team ranked #4:

Bills fans have been flocking to Ralph Wilson Stadium since its opening nearly 30 years ago. They not only get to enjoy bargain-priced running back Fred Jackson but also the bargain third-lowest average ticket price at $59.19. The stadium's Fan Cost Index for 2011 is $358.75, up about 1 percent over last season.

Although the tickets are cheaper, parking at Ralph Wilson may be the highest among the cheapest football stadiums. Maybe the people at the stadium know no one wants to walk there in the Buffalo winter -- parking is going to run you $25 a game.

Once inside, be sure to wear layers because it won't exactly be financially prudent to "warm up" on the $8.50 beers. That may be near the highest price in the league, but they are also some of the largest servings at 20 ounces.

As for the Toronto game, 2011 is the fourth of a five-year series where the Bills play one home game per season at the Rogers Centre in Toronto and tickets start at just $50. Now that's a bargain, eh?

I haven't been to see a Bills game since Vince Young went on a 60ish yard scramble through the entire defense to end the first half and Robert Royal didn't bother to get his feet down in the end zone on a pass from Lee Evans. I don't remember us paying to park at that game against the Flaming Thumbtacks. I do recall the tickets being cheap; I believe that I got 4 tickets for less than $200. The beers were pricey but given the deplorable state of the bathrooms I wasn't drinking anything anyway. I guess it's comforting to know that if you do get an expensive beer at least you get a big one.

The rest of the top five were:

5. Detroit

4. Buffalo

3. Carolina

2. Cleveland

1. Jacksonville

Are there more than just market forces at work here? Teams that have been largely bad for the past decade really can't expect to charge as much as good teams. But is the cost more a function of the markets? Detroit, Buffalo and Cleveland are all in areas that have seen population losses while Carolina and Jacksonville were - if I recall - panned initially as new franchise locations due to their relatively modest sizes.

Whatever the reason Bills fans apparently enjoy one of the lowest game-day costs of fans in the league....even if the product on the field can be less-than-enjoyable at times.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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