Week 4 Ratings and observations

My heart can't take this type of stuff. I think we all lost years off of our lives today.

1. WE lost a true pro today: LC Greenwood died today. For those of us lucky enough to remember him playing, he was really good. He was far too young...

2. Did anyone see the long ball that FItz through today as the shocking Tenn team beat the Jets today? Makes me wonder what would have happened if the D would have been this good and EJ could have learned from Chan. I don't like the offensive game plan that Nate has had so far. I don't understand why he doesn't get CJ in space or use screens. He doesn't help his QB at all. Common sense plays that all teams run to help young QBs seem to be extinct on this team. I wonder if this team won in spite of coaching, not b/c of it.

3. I thought the refs got it right. And it's too bad. The 2 best passes of the day by EJ were to Chandler and Woods and neither one counted. The one to Woods was really close, but, the ball did move. The thing that I hated is that if you watch the Lions' TD that Megatron had, it was the exact same play that Chandler had, but, that was called a TD. I wish that it was called the same way by every ref. I also think the rule needs to be changed, Chandler's catch should have counted.

4. EJ made mistakes, but, also did some very good stuff. I'd give the passing game a B-. He only had 10 complete passes, but, it was obvious that the game plan was to run the ball down the throat of the Ravens D, and they did that. I think EJ made just enough plays to keep the Ravens honest. And sadly, his 2 best passes were called back. If those were added in, we might be talking about a Bills blowout.

5. If someone had told me earlier in the week that the Bills planned to run the ball down the throats of the Ravens defense AND THEY WOULD SUCCEED, I would have called you insane. Yet, that is exactly what they did. They didnt' have any great long runs, but, just solid 5-10 yard runs all night. They consistently pushed a super bowl winning defense all over the stadium. I would give it an A for effectiveness. They came out and said we are more physical then you, and they backed it up. IMPRESSIVE.

6. Run Defense A++++ TO hold them to under 25 yards is just stunning. Whether or not it was Harbaugh's dumb choice to take the running game out of his team's game plan or they felt they couldn't handle the Bills front 7, making them 1 dimensional meant putting a tired Ravens D back out there. I think their punter had something like 9 or 10 punts, that is just crazy.

7. Pass Defense was a solid B. I am almost inclined to rate them on a curve and give them an A. I mean, no Leo, No Gilmore, No Brooks, No Byrd, No Williams for parts of the game, no problem. They took a super bowl winning QB and made him look like Sanchez. True, they gave up some plays, and it was scary to watch them back there, but, lets face it, they hung tough. Robey looks like the real deal. This was the best game Williams has ever played. If he can play CB and Safety, look out. He could be a difference maker in this new defense. I was so impressed with their effort today.

8. Special teams: B Carpenter was solid again. Punting was awful inconsistent. The "Shankasaurus" is sadly not extinct yet. I know he's young, and if you remember Moorman's early years, he was inconsistent too, but, wow, he almost killed us. One thing that irks me, why is it that EVERY team we play seems to have a kicker that can kick it out of our end zone? Every single kickoff and it's a touchback. Very annoying.

9. Coaching- boy this is tough. I respect the statement they made, but, they gave EJ no help. The defensive game plan was an A-. The running game plan was an A. The passing game was horrible. Your coach is supposed to help your players be in the best position to succeed, and so far, every game, I haven't seen that from Hackett. I almost feel as if he's holding us back. I wish Chan was our OC b/c I don't think Hackett can hack it. And if not Chan, then someone else. I hated Hackett's hiring when it was announced, and I continue to do so.

I am very happy with this win, but, man, coaching has to be better for EJ...


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