The Buffalo "culture" thing

Hey guys, i'm writing this post because i'm sick of this "culture" thing. I do not read the comments on the game review post because i was sad at the comments at the end of the game in the 2nd half thread. I'm sick to read " same old Bills", "another long season", "thats Bills football", "that's the Buffalo culture". C'mon!

Everyone started this week expecting the Patriots to rout us. Brady would pick or secondary apart. Manuel would struggle with his bad knee. Blah blah blah...

Then the game starts, and obviously it's not all pretty good. The offense struggles. But c'mon. It will not be amazing all the times. It's only the beginning. Calm down. Sick of those " i'm calming down the last 12 years". Yeah, me too. But that's the price of having bad teams, bad coaches, and need to change all the things and start from the 0. These new coaches have nothing to do with the last 13 years. The rookies too. They're trying to put a "new culture" here. But we, the fans, still being the losers, just like the teams we had the last 13 years.

We need to change. We need to do our part. We need to be positive. We need to look at the things for the better angle. Our rookies were not lights out, but they were good if you consider they were playing their first game as a pros against the guy who they watched as a kids winning a lot of SBs. Also, a lot of guys who we never had so much confidence steped up their games. They were not flawless, but DaNorris Searcy was pretty good today. Leodis McKelvin looked like a pro-bowler. Aaron Williams just played his first game as a safety, but he's already a good safety and can be great soon.

Then you look at our rookies. Kiko was pretty good. He has so much responsabilities in this defense, but it does not look like too much for him. Woods had a nice TD catch and another long one held back because of a penalty. Goodwin was unlucky/unprepared, but his fumble will make him more ready.

And EJ. How you can not like this kid. Look he was not amazing today. But he was solid enough to manage a win for us today. Also, his stats would be better if his teammates not had some bad mistakes, like the penalty i said before and Stevie drops. For a guy who was considered raw enough to be a 4th round prospect and if was not enough, missed priceless weeks of reps during the preseason because of a knee injury. I even read someone talking how he was overplayed by Geno Smith. C'mon. Maybe Geno will be good. Maybe he will be better than EJ. I don't care. EJ is our guy. I will not care if Geno will be good, if EJ can be good too and especially if he can led us to wins and playoffs appaerences and SBs. Kelly and Marino were from the same draft class too. Kelly was drafted before Marino too. A lot of people belives Marino was better than Kelly. I don't care. If it was today, i would draft Jim Kelly again. He was our guy. EJ is our guy.

Our defense was pretty good, the better Bills defense i saw since Takeo Spikes, Lawyer Milloy, London Fletcher, Sam Adams era. They did a pretty good job against Brady. Until the last drive Brady was around 50% on completions. It was great. We need to recognize Brady is clutch and knowns how to led his tem on a 2 minute drive. We were disappointed with the last drive. But it happens against Brady. Our fault was give him this opportunity. I'm looking foward to see our defense this season.

Yeah, Hackett could have better playcalling. But give him some time. It was his first game too. I really want to think he will be fine. Spiller bad game really not helped him today.

And to finalize. Today we not lost because our coaches were bad, or because our rookies were bad, our we lacked talent in the secondary or in another positions. Just our best player, who we more trust, not had good games. Stevie droped a key 3rd down conversion who could keep Brady out of the field and give more time to our D to rest. Spiller had a really poor game, and a disappointing fumble giving the ball to the Patsies inside the redzone. They known they not helped his young teammates. They known they will need to step up. They known they were pretty close to a win, but unlike the last few years losses, the team wasn't in the game because of then, the team not won because they could do better. I really belive they will step up soon.

This team made me proud to be a Bills fan today. It wasn't pretty all game long. It finished like the last 13 years. But they did enough to give me hope, and i think you guys needs to belive in this team too. Let's go Bills, let's kill those Panthers next week and go to the Meadowlands and make the Jets known who are those new Buffalo Bills!

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