Top Three Needs for the Draft 2014

First off, please excuse the name. I created the account during the Fitz glory days.

Anyways, here are my top three positions that need to be focused on in the draft, ranked most important to least important.

1. Offensive Line – I am a firm believer in building a team from the line out on both sides of the ball. Once a team has two solid lines the other pieces can be plugged in to build a winning team. Obviously, we already have this on defense. Offense, however, is a different story. I don’t know enough about the game to point fingers specifically at the line, EJ, or play calling (I think it was a combination of the three together with starting 100 different QBs, but that is a different post). I do know, though, that we gave up the fourth most sacks and fielded some of the worst performing offensive linemen in the NFL. We need to bring in a big, violent lineman that will punch the defense in the mouth (not literally) when the defense tries to penetrate our line. I don’t care if we draft a guard, draft a tackle, or draft a tackle and move him to guard. This will give EJ a mental edge knowing that he isn’t going to get rocked while he’s in the pocket. So let’s start building a nasty line that teams will fear and give EJ some time to develop.

2. Linebacker – Our run defense makes me sick. I am so sick of seeing teams rip off ten yard runs every time they hand the ball off. You can see it rip the heart right out of our guys, and can feel the momentum shifting in the game. It’s a problem that has plagued us for a decade. If we were not developing a young QB and our offense was not sputtering, I would be tempted to say fix this before the line. Now we’ve already heard this 1,000 times. "We need a linebacker to play next to Kiko." Kiko is the man, but he can’t do it alone. We need a monster that will own the middle and make other guys pay for coming into his territory. Someone that will sift through the traffic, shed the blocks, and blowup the running back. Make the RB afraid of crossing the line of scrimmage next time he touches the ball.

3. Large WR/Agile TE – First off, I don’t think Scott Chandler was used properly in the red zone, or in any situation where his size could have been utilized. He probably would have dropped it anyways (I do love Scott Chandler though, and I hope he comes back). I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but "we need someone who’s open when they’re not open," blah, blah, blah…. We have the burners on the outside to open the field up. We’ve got the reliable Robert Woods, who already seems like a three year veteran. And we have Stevie, who is as open on the field as his mouth is off of it. All we need is a now is a big guy who can be reliable enough to catch those 15-20 yard passes, and can bang in the red zone and go get a jump ball vs physical corners.

So there it is, positional needs for the draft (regardless of if we lose Byrd or not). If we address one of these positions with our first round pick and address another with a sneaky good second round pick, i.e., Kiko, I think we will see a whole different team next year. Thoughts?


P.s. Eric Wood’s wife is hott.

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