Understanding Mack.......

It seems to me, a ton of Rumblers think that if Mack was drafted at nine by the Bills the pick would not have filled a big need. This post explains that he indeed would fill a great need.

First of all, as many of you read already, Mack is a three down LB. Another way to look at what a three down LB means is that he is versatile. Coach Pettine's favorite word. Another way of saying a player is versatile is saying that the player has no holes in his game.

If you have a two down LB, you are talking about a guy who is strong and tough and plays well against the inside run. This also means he is poor in coverage and probably can't win a race to the sideline vs. most NFL backs. This makes him a huge liability.

And conversely, a small LB or big safety is generally not too good at hanging tough in the middle.

Jim Kelly's Buffalo Bills main read was simply to find if the defense was big or small. The Bill ran their offense through the great Thurman Thomas. If the defense was big, they threw the ball generally. If they put in a third safety to cover Thurmanator, we would run. This simple little read was extremely effective and made possible because Thurman had no holes in his game. If our defense simply gets a good run stopper, he will be a liability. The same goes for DeNorris against the run.

We need another three down linebacker.

Some Rumblers believe that he wouldn't play enough.....

That is simply not the case whatsoever.

Against a standard two-wide offense.... (Which I know, you don't see as much as three wide or more anymore).

the lineup: Super, Dareus, Kyle, Alan. (Branch will get a lot more snaps inside subbing).

LBs... Manny, Kiko (with a lot more muscle) and Mack.

secondary....Leodis, Byrd (yes, we sign him) Aaron and Stephon.

Against three-wide (nickel): Super, Dareus, Kyle and Fast Jerry.

linebackers..... Kiko, Mack. (Manny would get extra snaps subbing at LB and end and would prove invaluable should injury hit out front seven.)

secondary: Leodis, Byrd, Aaron, Gilmore and Nickle Robey.

Against four wide or dime: Super, Dareus, Kyle, Hughes.

linebacker: Kiko.

secondary: Leodis, Byrd, Aaron, Gilmore, Robey and new 6' cb or third safety..

Yes, there is no Mack vs.four wide but if we played a team with a lot of four wide (which will happen) Mack could fill in at either end or MLB.

One more thing that nobody brings up is, What happens to our D if Kiko gets hurt? As it stands now, it would be disastrous. We draft Mack and we have a good option. This little fact is huge! It really is!

Pettine would also love mixing and matching and moving all these versatile players in an effort to confuse quarterbacks. With Mack he has another wildcard.

And lastly, here is a good, newer article that sort of backs everything up and adds to what I am rumblin' about:

PS: I am not against drafting Sammy Watkins at all, I'd just be a little disappointed if Mack was there too. We need a big WR and a number one WR. I think Sammy will be gone though.

I also would approve of CJ Mosely if Mack was gone. I like Mack better because I believe he is bigger, stonger and faster. He also has all those tackles for loss and turnovers created. He has a nose for the ball. It certainly doesn't hurt that he is a Buffalo boy..... I guess the big advantages selecting Mosely would be that you know he would be ready in week one because of his great film study background and is more used to playing weakside.

Go Bills!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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