Thoughts on the season Part 2.

At around the midway mark of the season I did a fanpost on all my thoughts on the season and it was met with some great comments and even managed to get 14 recs. Since it seemed rather popular and especially now that the season is over I figured I would write up part 2, I'll try to cover as many of the topics as possible as well as an idea I came up with for an off-season contest of sorts. Let's begin!

The season ended with us going 6-10 yet again. While I expected to get 6 to 7 wins I'm still disappointed in the team. We're now on 14 straight years of no playoffs and its depressing. Not enough to make me change teams, but still disheartening to say the least. On the plus side the team was competitive in most games though it appeared that the Bills level of play sank during the second half. Not sure if it was injuries or something else but hopefully they can correct it and move forward. I still feel optimistic about the team's future but then again that could just be homerism talking.

Oh Andy Levitre. I think, and many of you will probably agree, that the offensive line suffered from him leaving. Was he worth the contract the Titans gave him? Not sure, depends on what you think a priority player is. The replacement plan didn't go well. Colin Brown ended up being absolutely dreadful while Legursky played a little better but not enough. A perfect analogy would be for all you pokemon fans out there. Brown is a Caterpie which is relatively useless. Legursky is a Metapod, which while slightly better, is also useless. We need to go find our Butterfree so we can beat that first gym. Analogy aside, we definitely need to upgrade the position moving forward.

Now on the EJ Manuel. I want to start this with saying that the nickname Knee J has to be one of the more cringe worthy nicknames I've seen on here. Ok, now that I got that out of the way on to my opinion on him. I didn't see much growth out of him. I'm not sure what I was looking for exactly, but he didn't wow me at all. He also didn't make me think he was a total bust either. I'm of the opinion that it takes time for a pick to develop and that not everyone is an instant starter. I'm hoping he takes the next step next season. The injuries are a slight concern but I'm not too worried about it just yet. If he suffers another one next season then it might be time to slap the panic button. My stance on drafting a QB has softened a bit. I still think we shouldn't take one in the first three rounds but a late round flyer or veteran wouldn't upset me either.

And now my least favorite subject on Buffalo Rumblings: Cutting Stevie Johnson. Uh, what? How this became a thing bothers me. That people actually want to cut our only proven WR and think that it will make our WR group better just blows my mind. You don't cut someone with his production unless he's old or put in jail. You also don't cut a fan favorite in the prime of their career. Of course, if he did get cut then go on to have major success elsewhere the same people clamoring for him to be cut would be the first people griping about how OBD cut him in the first place. There's just no pleasing people these days.

The defense played better than they have in years past but my god where is the run defense? That needs to be addressed ASAP. I'm hoping for one more LB and a CB for the defense. We need depth for sure in the secondary and another great LB prospect to put next to Kiko. And for the love of all that is holy get Byrd signed to a new contract no matter what it takes. We have an elite player and we NEED to keep him. Don't play petty games just pay the man. I think he's proven to be worth it.

Still not getting all the hate for Hackett. I thought his play calling improved down the stretch. I definitely want to keep him around because I think he could become a good OC. I would not be opposed to bringing in a QB coach to work with Manuel and help him progress. Pettine also needs to stay. He worked wonders on our defense. As for Crossman, I'm indifferent I guess. I can see why people want to cut him and after some research learned that only once has he fielded a top ST unit and that was with Carolina. We'll just have to wait and see on that one.

Lastly, I have a mock draft challenge I'd like to announce. It's going to be a bit different that you typical mock draft. My idea is to make it a conference only mock. Naturally this will have to be done in separate sections. We could start with say the SEC and go through all the major conferences or make it even more challenging and include the MAC, Sun Belt etc. Thought it could be something fun to do. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. As always, thanks for reading and hope you enjoy. Go Bills!

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