Off-season considerations - Run Def. vs. OL

I'm struggling with my opinion on which unit is a higher priority to upgrade this off season, so I wanted to take a look at the losses to help me form an opinion. This is not definitive and definitely up for debate so please criticize my analysis. I did this for me, but thought I would share.

Pats loss - chalk up to the offense. Holding the Pats to 23 is not bad at all. However the run D gave up 158 yards at 4.6 per att......horrible. Buf ran for 136 at 4.0 per and no sacks. OL seems to have done their job, though there were a number of pre-snap penalties that contributed IIRC.

Jets Loss - while the offense clearly had problems, D gave up 182 rushing and the secondary got torched. This one is on the Defense imo. No way the Jets O should put up 27 pts. You can make an argument for bad OL play...with all the sacks, but the Bills ran for 120 yards at 4.8 per.

Browns loss - primarily on the punt coverage unit.....and the pick 6 from Tuel made it look worse. Bills had 155 rushing at 5yds/att and only gave up 91 yards rushing at 2.8per att. I don't think you can blame the OL or the D.

Bengals - Defense. Putting up 24 pts on the Bengals D is respectable. giving up 165 yards on the ground is not (318 in the air also)

Saints - Defense. specifically the pass defense. The O was not good either, mainly because of turnovers, 2 fumbles and you can make a sound argument for poor OL play. 4 sacks and not much running...88yds at 3.5 per.

Chiefs - Offense....Run game only had 95 yards, but at 4.1 per. Only 2 sacks with a rookie QB, so I can't really blame the OL. Pin this one on QB play

Steelers - Offense yuck - as far as the OL....95 yards rushing, at 4.1 per att. 3 sacks. I pin this one on QB play. The Steelers were getting eaten up on the ground prior to this game, so the BUF running game was a disappointment, but I also think the Steelers started putting it all together at this time.

Falcons - Defense - specificaly run defense. Make an argument about the fumbles at the end of the game, but this game should not have come down to that if the run d shows up.

Bucs - Tough one because outside of a few plays the run D was ok, but you can't give up big runs like that. You can make a sound argument about the pass protection and 4 ints. Both units were bad

Pats - Run D was puke all game. Kickoff coverage was awful too.

So I feel like 2 games, 2nd pats game and Falcons game are definitively on the Run D. Bengals and Jets losses are at least partially on Run D. 1st Pats game perhaps could put partial blame on the run D which was terrible.

How many games can I put on the offensive line definitively? I can make an argument for the Bucs game, Saints game and the Jets loss. but there were other problems there as well. The Saints loss is the one i'd put most on the OL. The Bucs game was primarily just a few breakdowns, and the Jets loss is very iffy to blame on the OL considering how terrible the D was.

The run D is rarely innocent in the Bills losses, and the Run D was horrid in all 3 division losses. Maybe I'm making excuses for the OL by blaming QB play in the Steelers & Chiefs games?

Looking at it this way, I've pretty well convinced myself Run D as the biggest problem to fix, and a player like CJ Mosley is very high on my list. The fact that he can play inside or out....he's instinctual, and decent in coverage, makes me think he's a good fit for Pettine's defense as well.

Tell me why I'm wrong Rumblers.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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