Off-Season Opinions: §2. Our Mock


Once again it’s a new year and the thing that most Bills fans are looking forward to is coming in just over 3 months. That of course is Draft Day, the day in which all Bills fans reverently pray that this will finally be the draft wherein the players we get will elevate the team to their playoffs for the first time in 14 seasons.

Since 2006, the Bills have had the 8th, 12th, 11th, 11th, 9th, 3rd, 10th, 8th and now the 9th overall picks in the draft. Not a lot of progress shown here right. But unlike the past decade, we are actually starting to see players produce and play with a lot of energy. Our guys want to win and we are, in all seriousness, a few guys away from doing more of that.


Our needs, as far as I have diagnosed are in order of highest priority. These needs are LG, WR, LB, RT, TE, S, HB, CB, P, QB, & DL. Obviously, these needs will be affected by what happen in free agency. Also affecting what the Bills do on draft day are which players (of value) are available and how their stock will change via pro-days, combines, and games. Hence, I shall be running several of these mocks from now to April.

Because there are over 90 declared underclassmen in this draft, we have a lot of depth in a number of areas. These areas include QB, RB, OG, TE, DL and WR, but for the Bills this means that we don’t have to break the bank necessarily with a guard or tight end early on (in my opinion).


For the last few years, I have taken the player of the majority position voted upon as fans see this as the most important need to address. Usually these go hand in hand. Often times, people may like two players of a position and then split the vote between the two say 25% and 20%. This enables a third player to slip in to win the ballot with 27% when more fans recognize another area as the greater need. But like I said, usually the player with the most votes is also from the position with the most votes.

Stats and attributes will be updated accordingly with a few bowl games left and the combines yet to occur.

I get my information and formulate opinions on players based on games I watch as well as from some of the big draft sites that have good coverage on players. These include CBS Sports, CFB Stats, Draft Tek and Walter Football among others for their player stats and analyses. Please check out these sites for more info on your favorite player(s). If you don't see your favorite name on the ballots, let me know; I may be including them in the next round, or may add them to the voting block next time. In the meanwhile, have fun, vote, and argue for your selection in the comments.

With the ninth pick of the 2014 Draft, the Buffalo Bills will select....


Go Bills!

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