The (Mock)ing Jay Draft 2.0

So here's my second go at a mock draft. You may remember my first take where I took Mike Evans first and Austin-Sefarien Jenkins in a general mock draft that emphasized the offense. This draft is a little different.

As always I try to mock players that people don't really know too much about yet, especially in rounds 3-7. I encourage everyone to read up on some of these players. I will continue to post mock drafts throughout the off-season as my mind changes on prospects a lot and I have more time to watch tape.

Round One: C.J. Mosley, ILB, Alabama.

I have some concerns with Mosley and his size. I think he needs to bulk up a bit. Other than that though he's everything you want in an inside linebacker. He can stand his ground very well in the run game. He is pretty effective at taking on blockers. He's above average against the pass and can really get in front of screens. To top in all off he is a very good blitzer (which is a must in Pettine's defense).

Round Two: Donte Moncrief, WR, Mississippi

Who? This high? YES. Moncrief is a big, tough, physical player that is 6'3, 226 lbs and speed to go with it. Mostly what I like about him is his hands, his body control and his after-the-catch ability. Really nifty in the open field and is quicker than you think. Very sure hands and also a nifty route runner on occasion. He does catch too many balls with his body though. This guy is flying under the radar right now and I encourage everyone to watch the highlights of him playing Texas this year.

Round Three: Morgan Moses, G/T, Virginia

Another guy flying under the radar, Moses is a big guy at 6'6, 325 lbs and could play either RT or Guard at the next level. Played all three spots in college. At this point he's a much better run blocker than pass blocker but his pass blocking improved at the end of the year. Prone to bull-rushes but can re-anchor. Needs to be taught better technique. Could definitely develop into an above average starter.

Round Four: Xavier Grimble, TE, USC

Who? This high? Yep. Grimble is another guy that is flying under the radar. He's 6'5, 250 lbs. He has good soft hands and is tough to bring down. He can be split out wide and actually runs pretty good routes. Not the fastest guy in the world but TOUGH to bring down. Generally an below-average blocker but has the size for it. Has very good balance. I think he could develop into a pretty good TE in the pro's when all is said and done.

Round Five: Cornelius Lucas, T, Kansas State

Big guy at 6'8, 329 lbs. Too slow to play left tackle but is a good fit for right tackle. May even be too slow for that. Good run blocker and he has the talent to improve as a pass blocker. Has good, long arms. More of a waist bender though. Lucas would be a good guy to bring in to compete with Hairston and other players. At the very least he'd be a good backup RT.

Round Six: Storm Johnson, RB, Central Florida

Perfect developmental running-back. He's what exactly Marrone and Hackett want. He's a good between the tackles runner and takes what the defense gives him. Pretty big guy at 6', 215 lbs and usually doesn't go down easily. Quicker than he looks. Catches well out of the backfield as well. Doesn't pass block too well but has the size to be taught.

Round Seven: Nick Addison, CB, Bethune-Cookman

Never seen this guy before but apparently he's everybody's standout small school CB. He's a tall corner at 6'2 and has good athleticism. I'm waiting to see him at the combine. Could be a good developmental CB.

There you have it folks. A pretty interesting draft if you ask me....

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