The (Mock)ing Jay Draft

So here's my first attempt at a mock draft this season. Like Boomsauce and DanRoc I'll be making a couple iterations of my mock drafts as my mind wanders from one prospect to another. The following names come from watching college football throughout the year and watching Youtube tape on almost all the prospects. The theme you'll notice from most of my picks is that the offensive players are all above-average run-blockers and the defenders are great against the run.

Round 1: Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M.

This draft is deep on Wide Receiver talent, especially on the type of Wide Receivers we need. However, I choose to go with Mike Evans in the first because he can and will dominate! Evans at 6'5 225 lbs has all the tools to be one of the greats. He attacks the ball in the air as only a few players do, he's got great hands, a giant catching radius and on top of that, he's a great blocker. Granted, he's a bit raw in his routes, but he's also just a sophomore. Drafting Evans would not only give the Bills a great red-zone threat, but a true number one receiver that can be used all over the field.

Round 2: Austin-Seferian Jenkins, TE, Washington

If your first reaction to this choice is to think "Oh he won't be available then," rest assured; he will be. The first tight-end taken in last years draft was Tyler Eifert at pick 21 and I predict a similar draft this year. Jenkins is this years most well-balanced Tight End. He's got great hands, positions his body well to shield defenders from the ball and has the tools to be a great in-line blocker. Drafting Jenkins would give the Bills another red zone target as well. While he isn't going burst down the seam using his speed for a TD ala Jimmy Graham, Jenkins will move the chains and that's something every successful NFL team needs to be able to do.

Round 3: Guards Cyril Richardson (Baylor), Gabe Jackson (Mississippi State) or La'el Collins (LSU)

One of these guys will be available here and all three will be solid guards at the next level. If Collins is the draftee I'd probably start him at RT then move him if need be. All three are HUGE guys and are probably better at run-blocking than pass blocking at this point. All three can also move, pull and get in front of screen plays. They would be massive upgrades over Legursky.

Round 4: Jack Mewhort, Right Tackle, Ohio State

Mewhort is currently Ohio State's starter on the left side but due to his slow feet he'd be moving to Right Tackle for the Bills. Like all the lineman I'd draft, he's a better run-blocker than pass-blocker. He has great length and good arm length and can really drive defenders off the ball in the run game. He can struggle with speed rushers though. At most he'd be a solid starter, at the very least he'd be a serviceable swing tackle.

Round 5: Jaylen Watkins, CB, Florida

Watkins is a 6' corner from Florida. He's not as talented as the other corners at Florida but he's pretty much a solid corner back that can do well in man coverage. He's adept at jamming receivers on the line, which is something our defense requires. He's very technically sound corner that does all the small things well. Watkins main weaknesses are his lack of top speed and his tenancy to get turned around. Watkins has also played a few snaps at safety for Florida so he does have some versatility. I'd envision him being the primary back up to Gilmore and McKelvin.

Round 6: John Hubert, RB, Kansas State

Hubert is like a less talented Darren Sproles. He's short, but not small. He has some good core power and can bounce off tackles sometimes. He has great acceleration and is a really shifty runner. He's also an adept receiver out of the backfield. Not a great blocker but he's at least a willing blocker. He's not a guy that's going to power through the line, but he has a pretty high ceiling if you ask me.

Round 7: Patrick O'Donnell, Miami

Don't really know much about him, but has a strong leg, great athleticism a punter!

Free agent siging: Donald Butler, ILB, San Diego

Really talented run stopper, sure tackler and is young at 25 and on the upswing of his career. Would be a perfect fit for our defense.

So what do you guys think? Awful draft? Barely tolerable? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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