Value Plan Free Agency:Let's Build the Bills FA Board

Below you will find I started a Big Board position by position for the Bills after the news that the Bills already have their list together for Free Agency according to Doug (GM) and Doug(HC). Please help me complete it fellow Bills fans. Prerequisites:

  • No big names (except our own in Byrd). We are not going after Jimmy Graham or Brian Orakpo or Alex Mack.
  • We are going after "As the dusk settles FA". Which doesn't mean they can't contribute in a big way. I.E. Alan Branch, Manny Lawson and even Dan Carpenter.
  • Post your players and thoughts below and I'll add them to this Frankenstein post and give you a shout out in the process.
  • Of course include Bills players and if you feel someone should go above or in between the positions I have ranked feel free to make your case.

* Special shout out in general to Buffalo Rumblings because literally this is the only place I have to share thoughts on my team the Buffalo Bills and it is great to listen to the writers and other posters on this site! Go Bills!!!


1.Shaun Hill: Only position I can see the Bills being fine with signing someone that is in their 30s. Lions going through a coaching change Hill could be on his way out. He has played solid games when Stafford has gone down with injury.

2.Matt Schaub: A wildcard because after the horrible season with the Texans and the likely hood of them drafting a new QB with new coaching staff. It will be interesting if Schaub is ready to be a back up.

3.Josh McCown: Only reason why he isn't ranked higher is due to his stats and great season he might be out of the price range for the Bills, but this results are exactly what the Bills are looking for in a backup along with his experience.


1. Toby Gerhart . RB. Age 26. 6' 231. Was with the Minnesota Vikings. A career avg of 4.7 yards per carry. Has the ability to catch out of the backfield with an averaging around 20 catches a year. Runs a 4.5 and is a flat footed runner. He could be our Largarette Blout addition in a sense for those poor weather games. Down hill and north to south runner all the way. (cblizzard44)

2. James Starks: RB. Age 27. 6'2'' 218. Last team was Green Bay. He ran for an avg of 5.5 ypc in 2013 and 4.4 for his career. Had 3tds last year. He is originally from Niagara Falls and played his college ball in Buffalo so he is used to the cold. (Kernowboy)

3. Brian Leonard . RB/FB/TE. Age 29. 6'1'' 225. Was with Tampa Bay Bucs. Career avg of 3.7 yards per carry. Is surprisingly fast running a 4.4. He is from Gouvernor, New York. Plays special teams and actually forced a fumble on punt coverage against the Falcons. He can also catch passes out of the backfield avg around 20 catches a season(cblizzard44)



1. Scott Chandler

2. Garrett Graham -TE/FB. Age 27. 6'3'' 243. He is in the mold of Delonie Walker someone the Bills were interested in when he was available. He doesn't have the speed of Walker but can do it all between blocking and being a reliable receiver and red zone threat. Caught 49 passes avg. 11.1 ypc. 5 TDs with the Texans. Has steadily improved each year. (cblizzard44)

3. Chase Coffman . TE. Age 27. 6'6'' 250. Hasn't really done much stats wise however the same could be said for Chandler before we picked him up. He played last year for the Falcons. A great scouting report is posted in the comments section below. (cush2push)


1. Hakeem Nicks: WR Age 26. 6'1'' 208. He didn't score a TD in 2013. He has questionable hands and effort at times, but has the ability to make the aw grapping and impossible catch.

2.Danario Alexander: WR Age 25. 6'5'' 217. He was out last season with an injury. He was someone the Bills worked out in the past and has some success with the Rams. He broke out for the Chargers scoring 7TDs on 37 catches with an average 17.8 yards a carry. I would guess Alexander down fall would be lack of Special Teams prowess. 2nd ACL surgery and I believe a total of 6 knee surgeries will drop the price on Alexander even further.


1. Zach Streif . OL. Age 30. 6'7''. 320. Saints former RT. He graded out well by most though he struggled at times this past year. He won Madden Most Valueable Protector Award twice. Won a Superbowl . Knows Marrone from his time with the Saints since 2006.

2.Rodger Saffold. OL, Age 25. 6'5'' 332. He fits the mold of what they want at guard. He started at LT in his career then Jake Long replace him. He moved to RT and got hurt came back this season and played pretty well at RG. The Rams have a lot of free agents on the OL and two under contact have high Cap Numbers.

2. Jon Asamoah G 6’4 305 25 years old he did lose his job to Schwartz this year I think more to scheme change than talent Possesses great quickness and agility and can pull and get out in front. (cush2push)

3. Geoff Schwartz: OL. Age 27. 6'6'' 340. Played for Kansas City. He had a great year so again might be above Bills price range however what is really important to him are the number of years in the contract. Was another OT that benefited greatly to a move inside.

4. Mike McGlynn . Center/Guard. Age 28. 6'4'' 325. Last played for the Colts. From Pittsburgh University. One of the common themes now a days with the Bills is a lot of their coaches and front office have ties to Pittsburgh so any information they need on this guy they can get. Has experience playing tackle, guard and center.(freakish777)


1. Alex Carrington: DL. Age 26. 6'5'' 301.

2. Brandon Graham . OLB/DE Age 25. 6'2'' 272. Last played for the Eagles. He is a tweener linebacker/DE. Most likely a rush LB in the form of what we used Jerry Hughes for, he was 13th pick in 2010 and so far has been considered a bust. ( Anemi12)


1. Perry Riley Jr. : ILB. Age 25. 6' 238. Played for the Redskins. The next three players all are young and have been productive so they could command some money if the right team catches their attention. Redskins have been known to spend and by retaining their DC Riley has less of a chance to fall through the cracks.Mentored by London Fletcher, Riley compiled 115 tackles, 3.0 sacks, and 1 int in 2013. (freakish777)

2. Vincent Rey: MLB. Age 26. 6'2'' 250. Played for the Bengals. This past year recorded 57 Tackles, 4.0 sacks, 1 FF and 2 Ints when filling in for Rey Montaluga. He is a versatile linebacker who also plays special teams which is a huge plus. Out of Duke Vincet Rey is a sharp linebacker that could contribute. He is a restricted free agent thoughs o we are at the mercy of the Bengals to the amount of money we have to spend. (freakish777)

3. Donald Butler: ILB. Age 25. 6'1' 242. Played for the Chargers. Missed 3 games this past season due to a groin injury put still put up competitive numbers. Where he really shined was in the games late in the season and in the playoffs. (freakish777)

4.Dekoda Watson: Strong Side Linebacker for Tampa Bay. Age 25. 6'2'' 240. Played 257 snaps on Defense between LB/DE. He played 100% special teams at 311 snaps most on the Bucs.


1. Corey Graham:CB/ST. Age 28. 6' 196. Went to the Pro Bowl in 2011 and had a big post-season for the Ravens Superbowl year in 2012. Can play inside or outside, but he is currently a nickel corner. From Buffalo, New York. Has 10 career Ints, but really would be a great addition to Special Teams. (RochachabillsFan)


1. Jairus Byrd-The only big name that we hopefully can land this offseason and that will put every fan and player on the team at ease. He is exactly what we need in a FS and has been producing since his 1st year. We paid Chris Kelsay we can pay Byrd.


1. Dan Carpenter -We know his story he had a career year with the Bills. At age 27 we will offer him a contract and hopefully keep him from getting offers from anyone else, however if it drags on past March 1st it may be tough to get him back. Since he will have to compete with our 5th round pick Dustin Hopkins.



Special Teams Aces:

1. Corey Graham - Profile is listed above but he brings everything you want to special teams. Played for the Ravens.

2. Kassim Osgood - WR. Age 33. Played for the 49ers. He also has tremendous size (6’5" 220 according to but he is a bit long in the tooth, entering his 12th season in the league. (cblizzard44) (phaze1)

3. Dekoda Watson - Profile is listed above. Was a special teams ace for the Tampa Bay Bucs.

4. Jordan Senn - LB. Age 29. 5'11'' 225. Last team was the Panthers. Servicable back up in 2011 at linebacker though he is undersized. Only had 7 tackles this past season at linebacker but was ST captain. (freakish777)

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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