Football has become a Victim of its own Success

I , like most people, watch football on Sundays. I have been a Bills fan since I was a young boy and I am pleased to to see football have the level of success that it is having. I realize it is above all else a business and that in order to exist it must thrive financially. However, I am starting to gravitate less and less towards football and more towards baseball over the last couple of years. This has happened, I believe for a number for a number of reasons, but above all else because football is in a constant state of change to maximize its earnings potential. I thought I would offer a list of my grievances and see what other thought.

My Issues with Football

1. Football team permanently moving to London

2. Overprotecting the QB

3. Lengthening the season (either the addition of playoff games or regular season games)

4. Thursday Night Football

5. Illegal contact on WR's after 5 yds (worst rule in the game as far as I'm concerned)

6. Too many flags in general

I'll give the reader an idea of what I would do to fix these problems, so everyone can see where I am coming from.

1. I don't want to see teams outside the U.S. ever, because its an American game. Games can be played in London and in Toronto sporadically, but to put a team there permanently . You don't see the English Premier League putting teams in the U.S because people here watch games sometimes.

2. The QB has become the most critical position in the game and that is not questioned. My issue is that not every team has a legitimate chance of getting an elite QB. So the "art" of building a team has been reduced to getting lucky and being the worst team the same year a great QB is coming out of college. GM's should be able to build a legitimate contender around a superstar at positions like, RB or MLB or WR or whatever position you have a super star at ( within reason I don't think a great G will carry a team). But all other skill players have had their positions de-emphasized to the point where you can no longer do that. So for a decade or better the same teams make it to the playoffs, because they have the QB that is needed to get a team to that point. Every other team has to hope they get their franchise QB in the draft. I would rather the rules be legislated in such a way that the QB is not given protection at the expense of giving defenders a chance to actually play the game as it once was. I believe strongly in protecting the head of a player, but that its. Just the head, not the lower leg or anything else. Its a game that will always result in injuries so that cannot be helped, but a head shot can be avoided in my opinion.

3. No one wants more games, but the owners. That should tell you all you need to know. Player safety demands a short schedule.

4. The games suck. There like pre season in feel. I have never seen a great Thursday night game. Just end it, quality over quantity.

5. This rule is ridiculous. Think about the origin of the rule and you'll understand my hatred for it. Bill Pollian tweakingthe game for his star QB to get a super bowl ring. Just another advantage to elevate a QB's importance. Think about, you cannot TOUCH a WR after 5 yds, its not interference or holding, but touching. SMH.

6. I feel for the refs, the game is just over legislated. There are too many rules and it needs to be streamlined in order for the existing rules to be implemented evenly and fairly. So if safety is the priority than let it be so. But stop calling PI or illegal contact or holding every pass play. Every throw a WR looks for a flag. After every pass defensed a defender looks for a flag. Come on already.

To me the game has risen to this level because of the way it was. And now with too many cooks in the kitchen we have this constant tinkering and that is really starting to turn me off. I'll still watch games and root for the bills, just not like I once did. I guess I'm just writing this to see if anyone else has lost their level of interest in the NFL, because I am curious if the league is starting to alienate their "base" in the hopes of attracting new viewers.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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