Jim Schwartz's 8 years as Tennessee Titans Defensive Coordinator in review

After reading Brian Galliford's post it made me want to dig a little deeper to see what we can expect from Jim Schwartz. My initial reaction was that he's a jerk, only because he allowed players like Suh to play dirty and seemed to do so without any repercussions. Apparently he was a highly touted defensive coordinator coming from Tennessee, which is how he got the Detroit Lions head coach position in 2009. So here is a list of the rankings from his 8 years as defensive coordinator with the Lions.

Season Points per Game Passing Yards per Attempt Interceptions Sacks Passing Touchdowns Rushing Yards per Attempt Rushing Touchdowns
2001 25th 28th 25th 23rd 27th 4th 27th
2002 11th 16th 12th 9th 27th 3rd 2nd
2003 13th 24th 8th 9th 16th 7th 6th
2004 30th 30th 13th 27th 25th 26th 26th
2005 29th 29th 30th 9th 32nd 25th 12th
2006 31st 21st 13th 29th 25th 26th 30th
2007 8th 5th 2nd 7th 14th 15th 12th
2008 7th 3rd 6th 5th 2nd 6th 11th
AVERAGE 19th 19th 14th 15th 21st 14th 16th

As you can see his rankings really weren't all that impressive. The last 2 years were great, but I'm not sure how he clung to his job during the 2004-2006 seasons. If the 2007-2008 season are any indication of what we may expect, I would be extremely happy. However, you have to consider the bad with the good, and his average rankings throughout his 8 years as the Titans defensive coordinator are at or below the league average. I did not dive into stats while he was head coach, because ultimately he is the head coach and not the defensive coordinator. I'm curious to see what people's opinions are of him. I'm not trying to sway people one way or another as I hate the knee jerk reactions (you should've seen the Facebook comments when it was announced). Obviously there could be a lot of factors that play into these stats, such as having the proper personnel, having quality talent on the defensive side of the ball, and having an offense that can keep the defense fresh. I didn't take that into consideration because it would just take too long to analyze all that. Sorry

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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