Mock Draft: Orange Bowl Aftermath

Ok, it's possible I could be drinking too much of the Clemson kool-aid right now after watching the Orange Bowl. But would anyone really complain about seeing Sammy Watkins in a Bill's jersey next season? Here's an early mock draft that I'd be more than able to live with:

1A.) Sammy Watkins; WR - A wideout that seems to have everything but elite size. His speed is solid, his ball skills and catching abilities are "highlight reel" calbier and even though he played in a pass happy offense, the #'s he put up were ridiculous. Even though it could cause a log jam at the position, we don't have a legit #1 WR right now and we're starving for play-makers.

Obviously, this could be a pipe dream, however I don't see many WR hungry teams at the top of the draft. This draft is weak at the LB position in later rounds however, so I think it's more likely we see......

1B.) C.J. Mosely; LB: Patrick Willis was great his rookie year, but the team struggled. Once they found a solid compliment of both Rush LBs and a solid ILB to team him up with, the unit as a whole started to carry the D. Putting him next to Kiko could solidify the middle of the D for us for some time. Smart player from a complicated scheme, would be an immediate upgrade over the players at that position currently on our roster.

2.) Cyril Richardson/David Yankey; OG - I've said it before and stand by it - this position HAS to get better if we're going to advance with this offense Hackett is trying to install. I wrote an article outlining Hacketts love of abusing teams in the seams and up the sidelines before this season started, and you could see flashes of it. However lacking a quality LG all season set some of those things back. Either of these players would be a nice fit, and hopefully help bring stability to the O-line.

3.) C.J. Fiedorowicz;TE - Big, athletic target who led Iowa in receiving TD's and played an awful lot like another big, physical TE that's routinely abused our defense year after year. I like him because unlike the TE's at the top of the draft that are more like big WR's, from what I've seen of the kid he blocks well, plays on the line well and can still get out and make plays with his size and athleticism (6' 6 1/2", 268 lbs, estimated 4.68 sec 40).

4.) Donte Moncreif; WR - Going with a "size" movement on offense (6' 3", 224lbs, est. 4.5 sec 40), Moncreif was highly productive last year for Ole Miss in the SEC against players like former 1st round pick CB Jonathan Banks. Lost targets this year due to the emergence of a talented rookie WR, and could slide far enough to be available at this pick. Decent ball skills, and would do well in a vertical passing attack.

5.) Seantrel Henderson; RT - Out of Miami, at 6' 8", 348lbs he's a massive, physical specimen that needs some work on his endurance and technique in the pass blocking game. Former 5-Star HS recruit, could be a solid RG/RT prospect, or at least a solid reserve at this pick. I'm predicting that his recent issues with the coaching staff and suspensions may cause him to slide a little, making him available. (RT Jake Fisher out of Oregon wouldn't be bad at this pick either)

6.) A.J. Tarpley; LB - Productive rotational player for Stanford, who had several other stud players at the position this season. Even if he can't lock down a rotational role, Marrone has already stated a need for solid ST players, and Tarpley could fit that mold much like Chris White and Blake Constanzo of years past. (Also, Caleb Levy out of Ok. State might be a similar player at this position to consider as well, if Tarpley was off the board. )

7.) Pat O'Donnell; P - Moorman may be on the roster, but he needs someone to compete with him. He was a productive punter this season, and having watched a few of their games myself, he seemed to have adequate hangtime on his punts. He set career highs this past year, including a long of 71yrds.

Obviously, I feel like we need some more talent on offense. I think with more consistency and execution on that side of the ball, our defense wouldn't have to be "dominant", just remain opportunistic and tough in order for us to start winning on a regular basis. I think this draft would address a number of positions of need and produce a few starters in the process. Although....considering how mad I was that we drafted Kiko over Arthur Brown, it's probably a good thing I'm not the GM on Draft Day!

Don't be shy, I've got thick skin. Let me know what you guys think!

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