Pay off to the Playoff$: Bills Big Board

Or should I say "pay up"? It is time to cash in on all the waiting we all have gone through as Bills fans. The storm has quietly been building and I hope 2014 is a year where we can be let out to stampede to the playoffs. If you need anything for me to elaborate or explain just plug in your comment below.

Free Agency Big Board:

  1. Jairus Byrd- A lot of people are pessimistic as to the ability or willingness of the Bills getting Byrd to play for them in 2014. I'm actually optimistic. Whaley set the bar high and it has been the message of this new regime that we will keep good players. Byrd is a good player end of story. They have to find a way to bring him into the fold. Whether they make it incentive based they will pay Byrd or their integrity goes out the window. He has developed the way you want a 2nd round pick to develop. He is a star at his position and leader to his teammates.
  2. Vincent Rey(RFA) (#57 MLB Cincy Bengals, age 26)- He filled in for Rey Montaluga and is a good chance Bengals can't keep all their linebackers. He comes out of Duke so he is a smart player to team up with Kiko. He stands 6 foot 2 250 so he is a bit bigger which should help us in the run game. He rushes the passer well and is decent in coverage.Also plays special teams.
  3. Chris Harris (#25 CB Denver Broncos, age 24). Broncos have a lot of pending important free agents on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Talent is going to escape and if we can nap this former undrafted free agent I think it would be a plus. McKelvin isn't going to be around forever and as we saw it is tough to get through a season with a healthy secondary. He is solid 5ft 10 200 pounds he can play special teams. I trust Donnie Henderson he can develop guys and Chris Harris would be a great player for him to work with.
  4. Perry Riley (#56 ILB Washington Redskins, age 25). Was brought up by London Fletcher. With Washington undergoing some changes and really being focus on trying to bring back Orakpo it is possible maybe Riley gets out the door. Defends passes and is a solid defender.
  5. Anthony Collins (bengals) Michael Oher but I don't believe at all that the Bills will target an OL before the 5th round of the draft I'll explain why later.
  6. San Diego Chargers Linebacker- Donald Bulter will be hard to take away from the Chargers. Larry English is far less sought after and he is seen similar to Jerry Hughes was in Indy. This defense zapped Hughes to life along with giving other free agents Lawson, Alan Branch great years.
  7. Danario Alexander- Coming off an injury plagued season. He is still 6 ft 5 217 pound 25 year old. At least be nice to see them bring him in for a workout.

NFL Draft Big Board by Position:

**The key for Marrone's hire was development his calling card was developing a team and changing the culture to a winning and successful mindset. The Bills since Nix took over have been a fairly transparent team when it comes to their beliefs in the type of player they want when it comes to Measurables and Production. The only thing that has changed when it comes to Whaley is we are open to selecting players who have had character issues in the past. This will be reflective in draft pick options**

Wide Receiver- Addressed Round (1-3)

1. Jordan Matthews (Vandy). Not as confident of his red zone abilities but a great all around WR. With decent size at 6ft 2 and half 200 pounds. He is the cousin to Jerry Rice and 1st team all SEC. Back to Back seasons of 90 catches against the ever competitive SEC defenses.

2. Kelvin Benjamin(FSU). His redzone ability is really capitalized by his timing and ability to jump. He is a lanky 6'5'' 235. Catches the ball with his hands extended away from his body. He is physical WR that fights after every catch. Really fits the mold of what the Bills have been wanting. Has similar measurables to Plaxico Burress who the Steelers took 8th overall when our GM was with the organization.

3. Davante Adams( Fresno State). Again his ability to catch the fade pattern in the redzone and win the jump ball situation. He was #1 target for Carr a top prospect at QB in the draft. He can handle all the patterns for outside WR. At 6 foot 2 he is 216 he isn't small by any means.

4.Brandon Coleman ( Rutgers)- Has great body control. A receiver that can beat you in many different ways. He has great size at 6-6 220 he is physical but has speed and jumping ability that really comes together in the red zone. A senior he played Syracuse and I'm sure Marrone remembers the games he has against Syracuse. Reminds me of Plaxico who played for Pittsburgh Steelers.

5.Donte Moncrief (Ole Miss)- 6-2 226 Moncrief has great Red Zone control as well on fade patterns and jump balls. He can play outside and inside. Has a great resume at Ole Miss it doesn't matter the competition he comes to play. We need more of these type of WR than Chris Hogan for depth.

Running Back:(3-5)

1. James Wilder Jr (FSU)- 6'1'' 230lbs.You watch the film he has an eerie ability to stay up and continue through contact. I'll be honest look him up on youtube, he reminds me of Fred Jackson only with more explosiveness. He isn't ranked too high due to character issues off the field . His father played in the NFL for 10 seasons at Running back mainly for the Buccaneers.

2. Marion Grice (ASU)- 6' 207lbs. An all around threat running and pass catching. Has a leg injury that has held him out of the Bowl and late season games.

3. Rajion Neal or Neyland (Tenn)- 5'11'' 212 lbs. Powerful, explosive running back was very effective in the Red zone. Somewhat reminds me of Travis Henry and not just the fact he wears number 20.

Full Back/H-Back-(Rounds 5-7)

1. J.C. Copeland (LSU). 6' 270 pounds. The coaching staff didn't seem to buy into Frank Summer or Rodriguez. They want a punishing blocker that has good hands and can be a powerful runner but is light on his feet.

Tight End:(Rounds 2-7)

1. Jace Amaro(Texas Tech)-6'5'' 260lbs.He is a tight end you can split out wide. Has the size to become a capable blocker. It is his red zone threat and aggressiveness that really makes him #1

2.Austin Seferian-Jenkins(Washington)-6'6'' 276lbs.Solid tight end all the way around. He isn't as aggressive or consistent as Amaro but is still a great prospect. He is a threat in the red zone and has the ability to just outsize any defender especially in the red zone.

3.Eric Ebon(UNC)-6'4'' 245lbs.Much more the receiving type of Tight similar in my eyes to what we have in Chris Gragg probably more in line with the Bengals Tight End Gresham. I just see the Bills wanting a more of an all around tight end. Ebon is pretty much an oversized WR.

4. Logan Thomas(VT)- Yes, the former Virgina Tech Quarterback. At 6-6 255 he runs a 4.5. He was #1 recruit out of HS as a Tight End. He would be a versatile threat for us in the red zone. As wild cat QB also former QBs have found success in other positions on offense lately.

OL:(Rounds 4-7)

1.Justin Britt (Missouri)- 1st Team All SEC. 6'6'' 315. He plays with effort and has an edge to him. Played LT can handle either tackle position and the inside.

2.Cornelius Lucas (Kansas State)- 6' 8'' 328. Another mean streak Left tackle that could slide to guard. Has the size but is angle.

3. Undrafted free agent guard.

DL:(Rounds 5-7)

1. Aaron Donald-Pittsburgh)- 6' 285lbs.No way he lasts till the 5th but he is the type of Player that the Bills would take a chance on. He reminds me of Kyle Williams a high motor and athletic. He wont get as much love because he isn't 6-6 350 and runs a 4.8 but he has production just a football player doesn't matter the system he makes plays.

2.Ryan Carrethers (Arkansas State)- 6 foot 1 330. Nope not Alex Carrington but Carrethers. The guy is a load who could help with our run defense. Athletic and versatile to play anywhere on our DL. Kyle Williams and Branch are not getting any younger. You saw what happen to the Bengals and Patriots when they lost their star big men. Time to coach up a young talent.

3. Brent Urban/Ben Gardner- Both big guys with some upside that could be added in the later rounds or undrafted.

LB:(Rounds 1-7)

1. Khalil Mack (Buff)- 6' 3'' 248lbs. Play maker end of story. Sideline to sideline. He is more dangerous as a pass rusher and makes plays in the back field.

2. Kyle Van Noy (BYU)- 6' 3'' 245lbs.He is another play maker. Sideline to sideline. Has great closing speed. Again is a notch above #3 due to his pass rushing. Very capable in coverage.

3.Christian Jones (FSU)-6ft 3''235lbs. Big and physical yet is agile and great in coverage. Not as much of a pass rusher but a great tackler and really reads the field well.

4. Max Bullough(Michigan St)-6'3'' 245 lbs.A leader on the #1 defense. Will fall due to suspension. A great tackler he would be great depth late in the draft for our Linebackers.

CB:(Rounds 3-7)

1. Stanley Jean-Baptiste (Nebraska)- Big Body at 6ft 2 220 pounds could be in the mold of Antonie Cromarte. This guy is a ball hawk and would be a great player for Donnie Henderson to coach up. Given his size he is also versatile which will increase his value in Pettine's defense.

2. Ross Cockrell(Duke)- 6 ft 190 he earned 2nd team All ACC. He was a jack of all trades making plays. Between 12 pass defended, 3 ints, 40 tackles, 1.0 sack, forced a pair of fumbles.

P:(Rounds 6-7)

1. Patrick O'Donnell Miami U (FL.)- He is a great punter and a great athlete, which was always a plus when Mooreman was in his prime. 71 yard punt...pinned opponents inside the 20, 11 times had 20, 50+ yard punts. He is also a kick off specialist...which could help keep Dan Carpenter if that is the downside to him. Holder for field goals. Cause force fumble against Pittsburgh. Stands at 6 foot 4 220 runs a 4.6

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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