It's About Time People!

Hola Senior and Senoritas!

Full disclosure, this post will probably be argued greatly but needs to be here for discussion. So here goes!

Some more full disclosure: I am a unique human being (well, I think I am anyways). I truly love and admire humans, animals, the cosmos and if i'm being specific, literally (almost - I hate mean violence) everything about existence. It's really cool that when looking at the odds we're all here. In fact, the odds are BIG TIME stacked against us to not be here. So while humans (specifically) disappoint me time and again (usually daily), I still have an affinity for our species. Until of course a greater Alien species come along and shows us what it's really like to hold existence close and dear to hearts. But I digress.

True story: My wife has her group of friends and they don't care for me much. Mainly because i'm too honest and say things that most people don't say in front of other people, or are too mean to understand the difference. I was talking to one of these fine human beings one day about her son. I was told by a fellow group member that said son was gay. Which to me is no different than being straight, getting married, walking down the sidewalk, breathing air etc... So I was talking to her about her gay son (not being mean at all) when she flipped out at me saying how could I say that, how big of a jerk I was and on and on. To this day she barely talks to me even though i've apologized up and down but it doesn't matter to her.

The thing about that situation to me is, why would someone be upset that their son or daughter is gay? I have a young son and if he turned out to be gay i'd hold him to the same standards as if he were straight. I don't understand why people have a problem with this, it is something I honestly cannot comprehend. Honestly, for the life of me I don't understand what being gay has to do with being a good person, being a great friend and raising a great family. If you're a good person you're a good person, if you're a mean and cruel person you suck. There is middle ground but you know what i'm driving at.

As you may all have already heard, Michael Sam from Missouri has announced that he's gay. Oh and he's also likely to go in the 1st round of the NFL draft.

Can we all pause for a second and acknowledge and applaud Michael Sam please? He is very courageous and I consider this move to be Jackie Robinson esque. It's very cool and something that should have been done ages ago.

As a Bills fan, I would be 100% behind the Bills if the decided to draft him. Obviously the odds are very low that we do for a variety of factors but I would love the move. It would be somewhat progressive and really the right thing to do (if he fit on the football field).

For me, a human, this is fantastic. I've always thought less of people that don't like gays, or blacks, or whites, or Indians or whatever. We're all put here on Earth against all odds and it's literal miracle that anyone reading this is even alive and given a chance to explore existence.

This is yet another chance for people to get over themselves, get over their religions, get over their preconceived notions and accept gay, straight, black, white, or whatever people. There is no difference between you and them other than what junk you make up in your head to think otherwise.

I can't help but think that in 100 years openly gay people in all sports, in all cultures and all wakes of life will be looked at the same way today as women rights and black rights in America. Michael Sam - as a human being - I thank you for being courageous and think this is fantastic. You have a place on my Buffalo Bills team whenever you wish brother. Thanks for being an ambassador for gays in the NFL.

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