Morning Joe! Should The NFL Allow "Mary Jane" in the Building?


Good morning Bills Fans!

No, No, No. I'm not talking about the candy that many of us enjoyed growing up. I'm talking about about the other "Mary Jane".

Man the NFL has gotten themselves in a pickle this time.

I’m sure many of you are already aware of the spread of the legalization of marijuana. Everywhere you look now days, states are taking it upon themselves to legalize the drug for both medicinal and recreational use. We all know that it was just a matter of time, before this hot button issue reared its head in to professional sports.

But let’s rewind a bit shall we.

I don’t think that there has ever been a drug that has been more discussed, analyzed, dissected than the good ole Mary Jane. It is a drug that many of you Rumblers may have sold/sell, use/used. The age-old debate that marijuana "is just a plant man" has gone on for years, so I won’t bore you with that. However, I am interested in discussing the impact that the drug can have on today’s NFL.

As of now, marijuana is on the banned substance list. Players who test positive for marijuana are subject to fines, suspensions, and are forced to be a part of the league substance abuse program. Our very own Nigel Bradham had a marijuana issue last season, in which the charges were subsequently dropped.

But what happens if a drug on the banned substance list becomes legal and is proven to help cope with anxiety, pain, and CTE? Will the NFL be forced to conform? If the NFL is truly an advocate of player safety and the betterment of the athlete, why deny them the access to a relatively safe drug that can potential help them deal with the hazards of being an NFL player? It would seem pretty hypocritical if they did, right?

What if NFL really want to, but are afraid of the economic ramifications?

The NFL, just like other professional sports organizations, is very image conscious. They answer to higher powers, such as endorsers and television networks. Don’t forget you all, this is still big business, the almighty dollar is still king. There is still a large segment of our society that is concerned with the "morale fiber of our society". They look down upon things that are deemed inappropriate or contradictory to their beliefs and values.

Trust me, the last thing some folks want is little Johnny coming home with a joint in his mouth, holding hands with his "ethnic" boyfriend. Okay you get the point. For those of you who are a little sensitive to this point, believe me it works the other way as well.

But for most of us, this doesn’t matter. The younger and more progressive generation is more accepting than the generations that preceded us. A pot smoking football player wouldn’t stop many of us from cheering/rooting from said player; nor would it stop us from attending games of buying jerseys. Yet, the NFL is still reluctant to conform to the every changing society.

If you haven’t seen this already; players are already advocating for the drug to become lifted from the banned substance list. (here and here). Maybe change is coming, but maybe not for a while. With the new CBA in affect, it will be years until players can negotiate the removal of marijuana on the banned substance list.

So Doc what do you think?

Well honestly I’m the wrong person to ask. I’m the believer that all drugs should be permitted, including steroids, HGH, and whatever performance enhancing drugs that you can think of. I look at these players as purely as a source of entertainment. I don’t get caught up in the spirit of the game-competition mumbo jumbo. These guys are paid athletes, I pay top dollar to see them perform. There is an inherent risk associated with the job, and they make choices.

I don’t know I’ve always saw football the same away that I saw "professional wrestling". I never cared whether Hulk Hogan did steroids or Razor Ramon snorted coke. To me it has always been about the story line or the soap opera. I think that is why I enjoy this time of the year, more so than the actual football.

So if the characters are bigger, faster, stronger, who cares? I know this sounds sort of crazy. But let me ask you this question. Is there a part of you, even if its small, that feels that what you are watching is in some way fixed or orchestrated? Do you really believe that it just happens to be a coincidence that the team in one of the smallest market, with the cheapest ticket prices, hasn’t made the playoffs in 15 years?

Any who, that’s the end of my rant. I’m super curious to see what you guys think. Be sure to leave a comment or vote in the pole.

For question, comments, and topic suggestions for the "Doc's Saturday Therapy Session"; contact me at or contact and follow me on Twitter @Doctork44

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