Our Mock 1 - Round 5

Go Bills!

In the latest vote, QB Zach Mettenberger received the most votes, BUT more fans (37 to 29) recognized wide receiver as the area of need. As such, by the rules I set forth from the inception of this year’s Our Mock, WR Martavis Bryant of Clemson is your draft pick for the fourth round. It happens once in a while where the majority player is not from the position that receives the most votes, but heck, it’s early in the mock draft department especially with the Combine later this week. Here’s the draft so far.

Round 1: DE Khalil Mack - Buffalo

Round 2: OG Cyril Richardson - Baylor

Round 3: LB Shayne Skov - Stanford

Round 4: WR Martavis Bryant - Clemson

The Bills probably won’t draft another receiver in this draft meaning our needs have shifted to getting a backup QB, power HB, TE, RT, and DB depth. Below are some names for you to consider for the fifth round.


QB Brett Smith – Wyoming [6-3, 206, 4.69]
Smith is the weakest of the junior QBs, but that does not mean he has talent. In 2013 he completed 293 of 468 passes (62.6%) for 3,375 yards, 29 TDs and 11 picks while rushing for 4 TDs. The question, are the coaches willing to develop 2 QBs at the same time…

QB Aaron Murray – Georgia [6-1, 211, 4.75]
You have to feel a little sorry for this guy. Murray was a Day 2 lock before Georgia lost 5 of its top playmakers to injury and Murray he injured his ACL at the end. Still, this year Murray was 225 of 347 passes (64.8%) for 3,075 yards, 26 TDs and 9 interceptions while rushing for 7 TDs. The other knock against him is that he is on the shorter end.

RB James Wilder Jr – Florida St [6-2, 226, 4.64]
Wilder was a backup RB for Florida’s high power offense, but his big frame with his skills could win the Bills over. He didn’t catch the ball a lot, but he did run 81 times for 563 yards (7.0 avg) and 8 TDs this season.

RB Antonio Andrews – Western Kentucky [5-10, 225, 4.58]
Andrews and his big frame dominated the Sun Belt to the tune of 267 attempts for 1,730 yards (6.5 avg) and 16 TDs while catching 41 passes for 478 yards. Some though may wonder how his numbers would have fared against tougher opponents though.

FB Trey Millard – Oklahoma [6-2, 249, 4.68]
Millard does not have gaudy stats, but that’s what you expect from a blocking machine, which is what Millard is. Is the fullback position still relevant… it certainly helped the Bills run-heavy game at times this year. This season Millard ran 17 times for 97 yards (5.7 avg) and a score.

TE Crockett Gilmore – Colorado St [6-5, 253, 4.75]
This draft has great depth at tight end, which the Bills may be looking for regardless or re-signing Scott Chandler. Gilmore’s stock is on the rise after a solid senior season in which he made 47 catches for 577 yards (12.3 avg) and 2 TDs.

TE Jacob Pedersen – Wisconsin [6-4, 244, 4.64]
Pedersen is on the smaller side for tight ends, but still played well all around (blocking and catching) for the Badgers. In 2013 he caught 39 passes for 551 yards (14.1 avg) and 3 TDs.

TE Joe Don Duncan – Dixie St [6-3, 267, 4.70]
Don’t let Duncan’s lack of height influence your vote as he terrorized D2 schools this year. He caught 71 passes for 1,045 yards and 13 TDs and has been rising on the draft boards over the last few months.

OT Michael Schofield – Michigan St [6-4, 303, 5.24]
The Bills could do well to upgrade over Pears, and unless Hairston is healthy, could use the draft to do so. Schofield was a good RT, but is getting overlooked thanks to Michigan’s LT Lewan. He may be on the smaller side for tackles, but can cement his stock at the combine.

OT Justin Britt – Missouri [6-6, 315, 5.28]
Johnson was the starting LT for the Tigers and overall had a decent outing. He has a big frame, but showed good mobility on the line improving much from the year before.

OT Brandon Thomas – Clemson [6-4, 316, 5.24]
Thomas played tackle at Clemson and was good, but some view him as a better fit inside. For those of you wanting 2 guards in the draft, he’s a potential contender, but I have him competing at RT right now as it is a higher area of need. He does have long arms which is a good thing for tackles to stay off defenders.

DB Chris Davis – Auburn [5-11, 200, 4.40]
Davis will forever be remembered for his 109 missed FG return to beat Alabama. He also did well as a corner for Auburn with 74 tackles (2.5 for loss) and 14 passes broken-up, but showed poorly at the senior bowl.

DB Kenny Ladler – Vanderbilt [6-0, 205, 4.58]
Ladler put forth a strong senior year with improved coverage ability as the season progressed at free safety. He finished with 91 tackles, 4 passes broken-up, 5 FFs and 5 picks.

DB Ty Zimmerman – Kansas St [6-1, 204, 4.65]
Zimmerman was a good safety this past season in which he notched 75 tackles (3 for loss), 4 passes defended and 3 picks (two for touchdowns).

Go Bills!

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