My take on what happened last week

Last week was a shocking week, and I wanted to take a few moments to talk about it. After a failed attempt last night, and discussing it with Mr Galliford, this should be fine.

Last week was started off by Kent's discussion on Michael Sam being the first NFL openly gay athlete. It continued in CanadianBillsfan's post in which he told us, the BR community that he was gay. In the comments, several other members of the BR community "came out" and told us that they were gay as well.

What got me was when Mr Galliford posted a comment saying that he hasn't had one comment flagged. Not one. Let that sink in.

If you read about Sam online or anything else going on in the world, you know that there is a lot of hate and false information. I am sure our own members have endured the same sort of misinformation, lies, hate, bigotry etc. I have heard that "coming out" is the toughest thing that a person can do.

I don't think we realized how impressive that it was to see more then one BR member feel comfortable enough to share their most inner-most, most precious, most important secret in their life. That happened here.

And then, I was equally impressed that there was NOT ONE negative comment. Checking the message boards of other sites and you can see, this is far from the norm. Extremely far from the norm.

So, I wanted to take a moment to say, Great job BR. I AM PROUD TO BE A MEMBER OF THIS EXTENDED FAMILY. I am happy to see on here we have thinking, caring, thoughtful, empathic human beings that no matter how they feel about the Bills, the community is mature enough to have a live and let live community. This site should be an example to how different people can discuss a hot topic like that, and not cross a line. This site shows that people can get along, no matter their own personal views or lives. Perhaps, one day, we will have a world where people can be people, love whom they want to love freely, worship whom they want to worship freely, be whatever color they are born with and have the same chances of success in life as everyone else, and lastly, care about their fellow man and woman.

We saw it last week, and Buffalo Rumblings, take a bow, you showed the internet how it could and should be done. You should be very proud Mr Galliford of your "extended" family.



Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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