Early Offseason Thoughts: Mind Dump

Bummy Superbowl. Denver sucked made Seattle look better than i believe them to be.

- I truly dont believe our #9 pick will be Olineman or a TE. Our coaching staff is full of Oline coaches (Morris, Marrone, Hosler) and they have mentioned before that they do not want to use premium resources on the OL. Marrone talked about only using a certain percentage of you cap towards the OL and with Cordy Glenn going to be PAID next season and Wood's extension we can only afford to use so much.

- Erik Pears is going to be released, I think the writing is on the wall and with cap number being what it is I would think he will be let go.

- Now for the TE explantion, This draft is stacked full of TE prospects. At least 6 or 7 guys are starting NFL calibre TE's so look for us to get the best value later on in the draft.

- I truly think whatever we do in the draft totally hinges on Jarius Byrds situation. If we sign Jarius I think its going to come down to LB or WR. If we do not sign Jarius it comes down to LB, WR or S. Adding in to the discussion that I do not think it out of the realm of possibility if Bridgewater were to fall to us at 9 that we might take him.

- LB to me is the most interesting of the discussons because Schwartz has always had very good LB cores when he is the DC. (Bullock, Tulloch, Washington.....) The list goes on but I really think he values great LB play.

- Is the signing of Pepper Johnson to our coaching staff a minor ploy to get Brandon Spikes???? Maybe??? I know Johnson is a really great coach but I cannot see it hurting if this is the angle the Bills FO is taking.

- That being said are the Bills trying to build a SUPER coaching staff to try and lure players to Buffalo? Again I cannot see it hurting, and guys like Hosler and Johnson are very well respected position coaches. Players see good coaching and start to think about what that coach can do for their career.

- I want the Bills to make a Big/minor splash in FA. It would be nice to get someone with a proven track record at the NFL level coming in to start the year next year. Hopefully on the offensive side of the ball. I really like young talented players, but I wouldn't mind a proven veteran leader for the offense.

- I hope the Texans release Matt Schaub because that could kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Proven Veteran Leader and solid if unspectacular Backup QB.

- What is this teams greatest need? LG, WR, RT, LB????? I truly believe we have a really good starting linup on both sides of the ball and I think with a couple of additions we could be really solid. I actually just think team depth at all position is what hurts this team the most.

- Did Seattle just create a monster with what they did in last offseason with the 1 yr deals for Bennett and Avril? Are teams just going to sign proven pass rushers to cheap 1 yr deals and move on after they win??? I don't know but definatly something to look at and monitor going forward.

- How much will Whaley's pro scouting backround help us in his first full offseason? Can he pull of some Buddy like Whodini waiver wire pickups?

- Do the Bills view WR as a position of great need? I am truly happy with this WR core. A better more athletic TE will really open up space for some of these guys and with Goodwin and Graham constantly burning down the sidelines it could really open up the underneath RB and TE stuff.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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