List of free agents I wouldn't mind signing

I thought I would write up a little post about some free agents I would love having Buffalo sign. I'm not advocating signing every single one of them. These are just some players I think could really help us out. I'll try to make this realistic so it won't be a sign the top free agents fanpost. This list also isn't in any particular order so ignore the numbers.

1. Jairus Byrd. This one is very self explanatory. I would love to keep Byrd. He's a proven playmaker and arguably the best player on our team. If/when he leaves, its going to leave a large hole in our defense. Let's hope he stays.

2. Jared Allen. Just imagine a front four of Mario Williams, Kyle Williams, Marcel Darius, and Jared Allen. The havoc that line would wreak on opposing QBs would be amazing. Not sure if he would contemplate coming to Buffalo since he'll probably want to play for a contender but if we can lure him here I for one would be ecstatic.

3. Alex Mack. He would be an expensive signing no doubt but he would be an instant upgrade to our offensive line. We could slide Wood to left guard and then only have to worry about tackle which could be addressed in the draft. Not sure he'll even leave Cleveland but if he does then Buffalo would be smart to kick the tires and see if there is any interest.

4. Jared Veldheer. A very good tackle on a bad Raiders team, he could make Eric Pears expendable. With Oakland's cap space he probably wouldn't make it to FA unless he's determined to leave. He'll also be cheaper that say Brandon Albert or Eugene Monroe.

5. Antonio Cromartie. His days of being a number one corner are probably over but he would be an instant upgrade in our secondary. Plus he'll probably have an axe to grind against the Jets and the chance to pick off Jets QBs twice a season could be a good incentive. Sadly, he'll probably be too expensive for Buffalo's tastes but he's on my wishlist.

6. Julien Edelman. If I were GM I'd sign him just to stick it to New England. Plus he's a very solid receiver who could work well in the slot.

7. Darren Sproles. We need a 3rd RB and getting Sproles would give us quite a lot of flexibility with our receiving game and would help create some plays. Also great in the return game and probably won't be an expensive signing.

8. Jon Beason. Would be a great veteran presence who would help our rub defense significantly. Could be a good value signing on say a two year deal.

9. Garret Graham. Tight end is a position we've clamored to be upgraded for years. If Chandler leaves Graham would be a very nice consolation prize.

10. Wesley Woodyard. A rather good coverage linebacker. He struggled at times in the middle linebacker position but he would still be a good signing for our defense.

Those are ten free agents I would be very open to signing. There are plenty more but this should be good enough for a conversation starter. So what do you think? Any of the names on here strike your fancy? Or am I off my rocker? Sound off in the comment section below.

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