Mock Draft Idea

Now that free agency seems be slowing down for the Bills the needs for the draft have become more clear.

Here is my quick idea of what the Bills should do on draft day.

In the first round the Bills should trade down. This would drop them at least into the teens to draft Calvin Pryor the Safety out of Louisville. He is a hard-hitting play maker who will form a tandem with Aaron Williams for years to come. It will also allow us to have depth at safety and play 3 safety formations.

I assume in the trade we would receive a second pick and another later pick (sorry I didn't feel like quite figuring out the exact scenario). In the second round they should take Troy Niklas TE out of Notre Dame, and a RE. I think Troy Niklas can start right away and be a good all around TE, not just a pass catcher. At DE there are couple options available, and to be honest I'm not sold on who is the best one. He would be mostly a run defender and Hughes would come in on passing downs.

3rd Round: Draft a RT to compete with Pears, and Hairston in camp. Again there are couple options in the draft, I'm not sure who the best one is. The Bills don't generally use high picks for the OL, and I wouldn't either in a deep draft for tackles.

4th Round: Draft a big WR. Maybe Martavis Bryant 6'4" WR from Clemson. He has all the tools, but needs work. He would compete with Graham for the 4th WR role and add height dimension that we don't have at WR. Since we already drafted two WRs last year, added Troy Niklas this year, and the depth at the WR in this draft allows the Bills to wait to draft a big WR.

5th Round: I really want the Bills to draft a QB. My favorite is AJ McCarron, but I am not sure the Bills can afford to take a QB that high at this point. If in the trade down from the #9 pick they can pick up another mid rounder I would use it on a QB, possibly Zach Mettenberger. But if they don't ,in the 5th round I would like to see them draft Logan Thomas QB from VT. He is big and has big hands. His footwork is poor, but he is athletic with a strong arm. If his footwork improves he could compete with Thad Lewis for the back up role, or at least with Tuel for the 3rd QB spot.

I think this draft fills the rest of the Bills' needs. It would provide competition and hopefully 3 starters. Let me know what you think and if you have some names that would fit the roles I am looking to fill in the draft.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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