My Thoughts...good,bad, decide

Just a summary of various thoughts concerning the Bills and looking forward towards the draft. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. I'm always up for a discussion.

  • Very Helpful Link for D .One article I found helpful written on sports nation, beyond just the many articles posted on our Bill's site by Brian and Company. I liked the gifs and it is interesting to view since there are a lot of questions lately about the role of Jerry Hughes and Manny Lawson within our defense. It also makes one think of the draft and how perhaps DE could be a position we stock pile guys versatile enough to fit either scheme.
  • By the way the Bills said " we are going to try and keep the terminology the same, from Mike Pettine's defense to make the transition smoother" many Bills fan heard or better yet wanted to hear...we are going to run Mike Pettine's defense with Schwartz running it and adding minimal elements of his own defense. What is the truth seems to be the opposite but has yet to be truly defined or seen today. With only hints based on Kiko's position and Manny's role. Unless I'm in the wrong please someone point me in the right direction.
  • Draft needs shift. With the additions of Brandon Spikes, Williams, Dixon among other free agents. It has certainly shifted our draft needs. We could use tackle depth. I believe Buffalo has great leverage for the draft. Between being desperate for TE or Safety. I think we have solid guys on the roster. We are truly a dark horse type of team when it comes to the draft in general, but I'm confident we can maximize on potential trade partners and/or select the true BPA and be fine. The FO seems really confident in Tony Moneki could possibly return to form.
  • Eric Ebron- I'm sorry folks I just don't get the hype. This guy I wont deny is an athlete and a half. He has made some highlight reel catches but NEVER has had more than 10 catches in a game in his career and only ONCE did he score more than 1 TD in a game in his entire career, and only 3 100 yard rec games. Some might blame QB, others might say he was the only weapon at UNC, but I find those to be poor excuses. If he could get shut down in the ACC I can't see how he can instantly be a superstar in the NFL. I'm just not buying it but please someone sell the idea of him on our team. Production is brought up a lot in draft process, it isn't everything but it should be significant I feel like this guy gets a pass on that.

1st round conversation: no more CJ mosely projections.

Draft Position Breakdown:


  • We need another 4-3 end maybe two.
  • Schwartz's DE are 6-5+ height and 270+ weight & of course aggressive.

1. Kareem Martin, UNC. 6'6'' 272. 35 arm length. 22 reps.

2. Will Clarke, WVU. 6'6'' 271. 34 5/8 arm length. 22 reps.

3. Taylor Hart, Oregon. 6'6''281. 32 3/4 arm length. 21 reps.

4. 2 Dark Horse candidates....Stephon Tuitt, Notre Dame. He was out of shape the past season due to surgery. Now is injured again it will be intriguing to see how he performs at his Pro Day. With a foot fracture and past surgeries he may drop due to health concerns. However at 6-5 304 mainly without any cardio due to foot fracture. It would nice to see what he could do in 290, range speed wise.

Zach Moore, Concordia. 6'5'' 270. 33 3/4 arm length.23 reps. Development prospect who is highly athletic out of Division II. Has great career stats. Would be an interesting late round prospect.

Overview: The Bills have already been known to have spoken to Hart. He is a high character guy, with high motor and large size. We need a threat that can develop into a threat. Kony Early would be a surprise early in the draft.


  • Targeting someone that catches the ball away from their body.
  • Great route runner for EJ.
  • Red zone threat.

1. Jordan Matthews, Vandy. 6'3'' 212. 33 1/4 arm length and 10.5 inch hands. 4.46 and Benched 21. 35 1/2 inch vert.

2. Davonte Adams, Fresno State. 6'1'' 212. 32 5/8 arm length, 9 inch hands. 4.56, 14 bench. 39 1/2 inch vertical

3. Donte Moncrief, Ole Miss. 6'3'' 219. 32 3/8 arm length, 9 1/8 inch hands. 4.40, 13 bench. 39 1/2 inch vertical

4. Kelvin Benjamin, FSU. 6'5'' 232. 34 7/8 arm length, 10 1/4 inch hands. 4.6, 13 bench. 32 1/2 inch vertical.

Overview: Many solid options at WR. A class that has been touted as one of the deepest. Many will offer up other players like Martavis Bryant who are great testers at this point but will take time to develop. I think the Bills need a plug and play WR who can grow with EJ. I think we could go this direction possibly in 1st or 2nd round, even though it is deep due to the specific type of prospect we want to have. Whaley selected Plaxico at #9 so a big WR early isn't out of the question.


  • Point of comparison Hairston/Glenn, each have 36 inch arms.
  • Each put up at least 30 bench.
  • Bills like length and power out of their tackles with solid athleticism

1. Antonio Richardson. Tenn. 6'6'' 336. 35'' arms. 10 1/4 inch hands. 36 bench. 5.3 40 yrd dash.

2. Morgan Moses. Virginia. 6'6'' 314 (combine; played at 325). 35 3/8'' arms. 10 inch hands. No bench. 5.3 40 yrd

3. Brandon Thompson. Clemson. 6'3''. 317. 35''arms. 10.5 inch hands. 35 bench. 5.09 40.

Fringe players:

A. Cameron Fleming. Stanford. 6'5'' 323. 34''arms. 10 inch hands. 26 bench. 5.28 40 yrd dash.

B.)Cyrus Kouandjio. Alabama. 6'7'' 322. 36'' arms. 10 1/4 inch hands. Poor bench 21. 5.5 40. Not as athletic as we like.

C.)Billy Turner. North Dakota St. 6'5''. 315. 34'' arms. 10 inch hands. 25 reps. 5.16 40.

D.) Justin Britt . Missouri. 6'6''. 325. 33 1/2'' arms. 10 1/4 inch hands. 23 reps. 5.19 40.

E.) Luke Lucas. Kansas St. 6'8''. 316. 37'' arms. 10 inch hands.

Overview: A lot of options for right tackle I see the Bills targeting a Tackle in the 3rd round. We tend to make the 3rd round our gamble round on physical traits. I.E TJ Graham, Marquis Goodwin. Who didn't have the greatest production coming out of college. This approach could be mirrored for either OT or TE.


  • Point of comparison. Chris Gragg.
  • 6'3'' 244. 33 5/8 arm length.
  • 4.5 40 yard. 37.5 inch vertical. 18 reps.

1. Jace Amero. 6'5'' 265. 34'' arm length. 9 inch hands. 4.7 40 yrd. 28 reps. 33 inch vertical.

2. Troy Niklas. 6'6'' 270. 34'' arm length. 10 inch hands. No 40 yrd. (pro day 3/20). 27 reps.32 inch vertical

3. Austin S-J. 6'5'' 262. 34'' arm length. 10 inch hands. No 40 yrd. 20 reps. Injury concerns. April 2nd pro day.

4. Marcel Jensen. 6'6'' 260. 35''arm length. 10 inch hands. 4.8 40 yard. 24 reps. 35'' inch vertical.

5. Xavier Grimble. 6'4'' 257. 34'' arm length. 10 1/4 inch hands. No reps. 26.5 inch vertical.

Overview: Not extremely deep. I think many are falling in line with NE mindset.I wouldn't select a TE in the 1st round. They get injured and they take time to develop, few are impact players right away. Like I stated above I see us gambling in the 3rd round for a TE,WR, OT that we love the physical attributes but may not have the production to back it up.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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