Buffalo Bills news, 3/17: free agency round-up

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The Buffalo Bills haven't signed anyone since Friday night, so now the opinion pieces on their work in free agency are starting to roll in.

10 offseason moves that impact Bills 2014 opponents - BuffaloBills.com

"The first two and a half months of the offseason have brought an awful lot of change to several NFL clubs including the Bills under GM Doug Whaley. We take a look now at some of the most significant moves that will have an effect on Buffalo’s 2014 schedule in the fall."

Fan group wants to be a player in Bills’ future - Buffalo - Business First

"The plan: a fund with contributions from Bills fans that will eventually be available as an interest-free loan to support a stadium project or purchase by a team-friendly owner. It will be targeted heavily toward a group they’ve researched heavily, which supports the Bills but doesn’t have a game-day outlet for spending. That group consists of fans who live outside of Western New York."

I'm very interested, Bills fans. Would you plunk down $100 to get a piece of paper and some peace of mind that the Bills would stay in Buffalo?

Blog roll

Building the Bills Roster the Steelers Way | Bills Mafia -- #BillsMafia
"The Pittsburgh model of success is underway in Buffalo. It’s hard to ask a fan base for patience as the team hasn’t made the playoffs since 1999, but the team has added a lot of pieces. Realistically, the Bills roster could add three to four more starters in the 2014 NFL draft. You may not believe it, but Buffalo is well on its way to competing in the AFC East."

Da'Norris Searcy May Surprise Some Bills Fans, But Not This Old Fossil | Bills Mafia -- #BillsMafia
"Bottom line, Bills fans: Don’t miss the answer to the question about who can be the 'next man up' after Jairus Byrd. The answer might just be 'grinding dem G’s' right under our collective noses. Just ask Freddie and Stevie how that works."

Brandon Spikes Could Be the Answer to Buffalo Bills’ Problems on Run Defense | Buffalo Bills Draft
"Attacking the run downhill is what Spikes does best, so he just might be exactly what Buffalo needs at middle linebacker. A strong, 6’2", 255-pound and aggressive defender, Spikes consistently drives through blocks to get to the football, then tackles with authority."

Q&A about Brandon Spikes with @AFCEastDaily | Articles | Buffalo Wins
'The Bills are still spending bills on free agents and here is probably the best one of the bunch they have signed. Brandon Spikes is a Bill and Nick St. Denis, publisher from AFC East Daily, joins us to dish the dirt on Spike's play in New England."

Another Q&A about Brandon Spikes by @foxboroblog | Articles | Buffalo Wins
"As usual, I overcompensated on the Q&As and reached out to too many Pats writers to get the deal on Brandon Spikes. We can run another one and Here's Derek from Foxboro Blog to dish more dirt on Spikes."

Q&A about Corey Graham with @RussellSTReport | Articles | Buffalo Wins
"Continuing with our Q&As for new Bills, we got Tony from the Baltimore Ravens site Russell Street Report to dish the dirt on Corey Graham. I also have a few Pro Football Focus stats about him at the end of the piece. Enjoy and tell a friend."

Q&A about Keith Rivers with @joegoodberry and @UltimateNYG | Articles | Buffalo Wins
"It is two Q&As for the price of one player. The Bills signed former 1st round pick Keith Rivers and I'm bringing in NFL Draft analyst and player evaluator for CincyJungle.com (SBNation's Bengals blog) Joe Goodberry to let me know what the deal is with him.  Follow him @JoeGoodberry.  I also got Andy Furman from Ultimate NYG to talk about Rivers time with Big Blue. His Q&A starts right after the photo of Rivers playing with the Giants."

Q&A about Chris Williams with @Ramsherd | Articles | Buffalo Wins
"So the Bills signed some guard named Chris Williams from the Rams. Yeah..I don't know who the hell he is either. However, this is why I reach out to the folks who covered him to find out the 411. Here's Will from Rams Herd to dish the dirt on him."

Playmakers - Fanposts - Buffalo Rumblings
Taking a look at some playmakers the Bills could add in the first three round of the draft.

One more click

Jim Kelly's Fight Against Cancer Continues - ESPN Video - ESPN
"John Saunders discusses Jim Kelly's continuing battle with cancer." Saunders spoke on the subject at the close of Sunday's Sports Reporters.

Buffalo Rumblings Live

Our next Buffalo Rumblings Live show will be this Wednesday night at 9PM ET. I have a call out to a guest and I'll confirm when he does. We'll be discussing the Bills' free agent haul if you'd like to ask questions or tweet some comments.

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