WR and TE are NOT a need, just look at the Seahawks.

Our receiving corps could be as good or better then the 2013 Seahawks.

Scott Chandler may not be a pro bowler, be he is an affordable starting quality player at a low value position. Just look at the Seahawks. Zach Miller had 322 yards for the season. Clearly teams can be successful without an elite tight end.

The similar point can be made with WR. Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin got the Hawks to the Superbowl. Neither of those guys are elite wide receivers and none of the WRs on the team are over 5'11" tall! So enough talk about NEEDING a BIG WR!

Bills WRs- The Bills have three young WR's and Stevie Johnson

Marquise Goodwin didn't have the rookie season many hoped for,but don't forget he was a project coming out of college. A super fast guy that was still very raw. The guy was a third round pick who needs development time, don't count him out.

Robert Woods had a nice rookie season considering the struggles at QB. He was a second round pick who has proven NFL ability.

T.J. Graham has just two years under his belt as a player, don't forget that. Also its clear watching the film that many of T.J.s chances were blown by bad quarterback play. He is another guy like Goodwin, who was a project coming out of college and is still developing.

Stevie Johnson may never win an All-Pro, but he's a good receiver. He's the first Bills player to ever get 3 consecutive 1,000 yard season's and he's under contract for years to come, so get used to him.

The young guys are still developing

That's one proven vet and three young guys who deserve burn. Only Robert Woods was close to being pro ready coming out of college. So why spend an early pick on a position with so much young talent? Clearly you don't "NEED a BIG TARGET for E.J.", because the Seahawks didn't need one.

How can you write off these players..

And yet your willing to give the 29 year old Chris Williams the benefit of the doubt that he'll play better this year? I think its more likely the guys with only 1 or 2 years of experience, like T.J. Graham and Marquise Goodwin will improve, then a guy with 8 years in the league.

WR and TE are a WANT, not a NEED

I'm not saying a big WR or a flashy TE wouldn't be nice. I am saying that you can be successful without them.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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