My wish list for the top 4 rounds

I strongly believe in drafting the BPA but that's way too much work to build a top 100 board so instead I will simply talk about players that I would be very happy getting in each of the top 4 rounds. Obviously this is based on a Needs approach and prediction of where certain players will be available.

Round 1:

Like everyone, I'd jump all over Matthews, Robinson, Watkins or Mack but I highly doubt that they will be there. I did not put Evans because I think he's too high risk (Boom/Bust) to take at #9. I'm very weary of Evans to the point where I would not touch him with a top 10 pick. Manziel was a special QB that scrambled so often that it masked the fact that Evan's did not get open that often. I am far from convinced that he will be successful at the next level. Besides. Plus I am very happy with SJ13, RW10 & MG88 and I can't see where Evans would fit into the equasion without dropping one of those three that all have tremendous potential if EJ can get in-synch with them.

I think a stretch-the-field type TE is the missing piece, I really do. I think a tall fast TE that can be a threat up the middle is the absolute best way to get the most out of our trio of receivers already on hand.

Let talk about Ebron a bit here... Many are comparing his athletic abilities to Vernon Davis who was himself taken in the top 10. Would anybody even question taking Vernon Davis in the top 10 if you knew what you know now and he came out this year? Ebron at #9 is not a reach in my opinion and the danger of trading down a few spots to get him is that either the Titans or Giants might take him. He is a rare athletic TE that has exactly what we are missing, a big athletic guy that's open even when he isn't.

Round 2

This draft is deep at the OT position, which allows us to wait until the top of Round 2 to get our RT for the next 10+ years. Morgan Moses or Cyrus Kouandjio would be instant starters on our line and a huge upgrade over Pears.

Round 3

I am assuming that our Run Defense will be vastly improved with the addition of Spikes. That being said, we have him on a 1y contract, which means that it's far from guaranteed that he will (a) fit in and gel with the team (b) get re-signed before hitting the market again. So getting depth behind him would be highly advisable. For this reason, I really like Shane Skov in Round 3, a hard hitting ILB that is known for his aggressiveness and run-stuffing ability.

Round 4

Chris Williams was probably the least liked signing in FA most people think he's not good enough. I think the jury is out and there's a good chance that he will thrive between Wood & Glenn. No matter what happens, it would still be a great idea to draft a guard that can be groomed to win the spot in 2015. Chris Williams with his great versatility could be the backup at multiple positions. I like Dakota Dozier here but he might not be available in the 4th so a close second would be Anthony Steen.

These 4 players would be great additions to our team, provide the missing piece and some strategic depth at positions that might require a starter as of 2015.

What do you guys think?

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