Draft Prospect Q&A!

This thread got some good discussion the last time we ran it, so let's bring it back. Have a question about a potential draftee? Want a scouting report, want to know how they fit in Buffalo? Wondering what the latest news about the player is? Ask away, and I and the other intelligent posters on Buffalo Rumblings will share what they think.

To start things off, let's share a bit of the latest buzz:

Blake Bortles has been picking up steam with a well-choreographed pro day that showed off his arm in a variety of realistic throwing situations. On the other hand, Teddy Bridgewater caught flak at his Pro Day, showing up 8 pounds lighter than his Combine weigh-in, throwing a weaker spiral, and seeming to be affected by "nerves."

Troy Niklas did not work out at the Notre Dame Pro Day - he was walking with a noticeable limp. No word on if he had/is having surgery on anything. Still, 2 of the top 4 tight ends (Niklas and Seferian-Jenkins) will now be entering the draft with no answers as to their speed, short-area quickness, and route running skills.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins, by the way, has reportedly had some trouble with teams' evaluations of his demeanor. The coaching staff at UW has been warning teams that Jenkins basically "didn't give a s***" his final season, and he allegedly did not do well at his Combine interviews (per Brett Kollman, Battle Red Blog/NFL Network).

Eric Ebron has also had a bit of character concerns crop up on the other end of the spectrum. Reportedly, his teammates at UNC have told people that Ebron was a high maintenance "diva" type of player who was more interested in his own prowess and plays on the field than contributing to the team victory. Attitude aside, the word on the street is that the Giants really like Ebron (who comes from the NYC area) but there are concerns that he might not be used properly in Tom Coughlin's offense. If the Giants don't take him, reports are that the Steelers are enamored with Ebron and there's no way he gets past them at 15. (per Tony Pauline,

Taylor Lewan was criminally charged for the assault case dating back a few months where he reportedly got involved in a fight outside a bar with an Ohio State fan. Lewan denies wrongdoing, but with charges actually being filed the case now carries weight. Combined with an earlier case in which no charges were filed but Lewan allegedly threatened to rape a girl who was raped by his teammate, teams will have to think long and hard about the athletic upside he possesses compared to the possibility of him turning into a Richie Incognito-esque jerk.

Alright, have at it! What's on your mind?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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