Buffalo Bills news, 3/23: Buffalo Bills blog bonanza

On a slow news Sunday, we take some posts from other blogs as a starting point and go from there.

Beyond the Stats: Corey Graham vs. the other Bills CBs | Buffalo Wins

A great look at Corey Graham's production in 2013. Read this.

Riffing on blog posts

Buffalo Bills Should Pursue Mark Sanchez - BuffaLowDown - A Buffalo Bills Fan Site
"The New York Jets have signed Michael Vick and released Mark Sanchez.  The Buffalo Bills should have Sanchez into One Bills Drive immediately."

No, no, no, no, no, no. no. The Buffalo Bills might want a veteran presence in the locker room, but why would they want Mark Sanchez other than his first round draft status? Sure he's won playoff games and actually played well in those games, but the quarterback has a career completion percentage of 55 percent, never passed for more than 3,474 yards, and has more interceptions than touchdowns in his career. I don't know what skills he would bring to the quarterback room. Well, other than taking awesome photos on the beach.

Ryan Talbot’s Buffalo Bills Seven-Round Mock Draft: Version 3.0 | Buffalo Bills Draft
Talbot addresses the biggest needs on the team in an order I like. The draft rarely works that way, but it's a start. I have no idea who most of these players are. At this point in the year, it's usually best to not get married to individuals at certain spots when so many things can change.

Kenny Britt: A Low Risk/High Reward Investment for the Bills | Bills Mafia -- #BillsMafia
"Signing Britt wouldn't cause any harm. It wouldn't change Buffalo’s draft strategy and it wouldn't cost the team much money. The risk is low and the rewards could be high." This is probably the right worry, but if the Bills do sign Britt to a "prove it" deal as defined in the article, it will be for one year and the team would be foolish to think they've addressed the spot. Instead, the focus should be on Britt replacing a guy at the bottom of the depth chart like Chris Hogan and on offense, that's a win.

The Buffalo Steelers: Offense Edition - Hashtag Sports
Is Doug Whaley trying to recreate the Pittsburgh Steelers of the 2000s? One guy thinks so and lays out an argument for that very thesis. I don't know if I'd compare Ramses Barden to Plaxico Burress - at least the one on that Steelers team. The author does his best to rectify Ben Roethlisberg as EJ Manuel but it's obviously the biggest linchpin in the success for the Bills moving forward.

Brandon Spikes becomes instant fan favorite in Buffalo | Buffalo Bills | Cover 32
"Whether he’s retweeting an angry Patriots fan or questioning how paper beats rock in ‘rock, paper, scissors’ he gives us Bills fans something to look forward to on Twitter." Spikes has responded to one of my tweets. He said he had a new tattoo right after signing with the Bills. Hoping it was some sort of homage to the city of Buffalo or the team, I asked him to post a picture. He did and I was confused:

One more click

THOMAS B. O'CONNELL Obituary: View THOMAS O'CONNELL's Obituary by The Boston Globe
O'Connell started the first game of the 1961 season for the Bills, completing one pass and throwing one interception to finish out his career at the age of 31.

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