weapons/ defense case

The case can be debated for ever. Offense sells tickets cause its fun and exciting but defense wins championships so they say...But the common denominator is winning always sells tickets and is what the fans want to see. But how each franchise decides to build there team to go about this is the question.

I decided to take a little time and do some research by categorizing teams that finished in the top 5 offensively and defensively and how that directly correlated to the success It had on making the playoffs. There categorized in the top five by total yards and not points scored because I didnt want a pick six or special teams return for td be adversly affected for the offensive or defensive production a team had during that season. I did this scale bases on the last 10 years.


2013 1 Denver. Yes. Seattle. Yes .

2 Eagles. Yes. Carolina. Yes

3 Greenbay. Yes. Cinci. Yes

4 Saints . Yes. Saints. Yes

5 San Diego. Yes. 49ers. Yes

2012. 1 Patriots. Yes. Steelers. No

2 Saints. Yes. Denver. Yes

3 Lions. No. 49ers. Yes

4 Denver. Yes. Seattle. Yes

5 Washington. Yes. Chicago. No

2011 1 Saints. Yes. Steelers. Yes

2 Patriots. Yes. Houston. Yes

3 Greenbay. Yes. Baltimore. Yes

4 Eagles. Yes. 49ers. Yes

5 Lions. Yes. Jets. No

2010. 1 San Diego. No. San Diego No

2 Eagles. Yes. Steelers. Yes

3 Houston. No. Jets. Yes

4 Indy. Yes. Saints. Yes

5 Giants. No. Greenbay. Yes

2009. 1 Saints. Yes. Jets. Yes

2 Dallas. Yes. Greenbay. Yes

3 Patriots. Yes. Ravens. Yes

4 Houston. No. Cincy. Yes

5 Vikings. Yes. Steelers. No

2008 1 Saints. No. Steelers Yes

2 Denver. No. Baltimore. Yes

3 Houston. No. Philly. Yes

4 Arizona. Yes. Washington. No

5 Patriots. No. Giants. Yes

2007 1 Patriots Yes. Steelers. Yes

2 Greenbay. Yes. Tampa. Yes

3 Dallas. Yes. Indy. Yes

4 Saints. No. Patriots. Yes

5 Indy . Yes. Titans. Yes

2006 1 Saints Yes. Ravens Yes

2 Eagles. Yes. Jaguars. No

3 Indy. Yes. Oakland. No

4 San Diego. Yes. Dolphins. No

5 Dallas. Yes. Chicago. Yes

2005 1 Chiefs. No. Tampa. Yes

2 Seattle. Yes. Bears. Yes

3 Indy. Yes. Carolina. Yes

4 Giants. Yes. Steelers. Yes

5 Denver. Yes. Baltimore. No

2004 1 Chiefs. No. Steelers. Yes

2 Indy. Yes. Buffalo No

3 Green bay Yes . Washington. No

4 Vikings. Yes. Denver. Yes

5 Denver. Yes. Tampa. No

(I didnt know how to create a graph and insert it in here, maybe someone can give me pointers for next time)

For teams that were in the top 5 offensively 37/50 made the playoffs a 74% success rate. Now for the defense. Out of the teams that ranked in the top 5 defensively 37/50 made the playoffs aswell. An amazing stat to find out thatthe success rate happens to be the exact same. The 2005-06 season was the worst case scenario where only 5-10 teams made the playoffs. So there's No clear cut wrong or right way to build a franchise. Now u guys can take it a step further if you like and just break down superbowls but first im just trying to get this team in the playoffs...

Amazingly are voters were even at exactly the same at 83 a piece. A 50/50 split between wanting a weapon or a dominating defense when I started this research.

There was one case where San Diego in 2010-11 season actually had the #1 ranked offense and defense in the league and missed the playoffs. WOW what a dissapointment that must have been to be a chargers fan that year!

Now I decided to take this one step further. Teams that managed to miss the playoffs that were in the top 5 in one of the 2 categories I decided to see where they finished in the opposite category. What I found out is that teams that were able to keep themselves out of the bottom 25 had a 85% chance to make the playoffs. And if a team stayed out of the bottom 20 in the opposite catgory it rose to a 90% success rate to make the playoffs.

None of these stats that I compiled show who your quarterback is for these franchises. It just correlates if you can get your team into the top 5 on either offense or deffense you have a 74% chance of making the playoffs.

Now knowing these stats and our personell would you rather:

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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